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Aviation Safety

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Aviation Incident and Safety Websites

  • 1001 Crash  A Web site about aircraft crashes with videos, latest plane accidents, analysis and pictures, statistics, complete description of the Tenerife crash, details about the fear of flying.  In both English and French languages.
  • Air Data Research Aviation safety information - AD's, service difficulty and mechanical reliability reports, accident and incident report databases, aviation accident reports, other safety information.
  • AirlineSafety.com  Dedicated to the subject of airline safety, and seeking to provide a free-market forum for the discussion of policies and issues which are germane to airline safety.
  • AirSafe.com  Airline safety and security information from the passenger perspective, as well as other useful information for the traveling public and information on recent fatal plane crashes.
  • The AirSafe.com News  Read the latest news and commentary in this blog about airline safety, airline security, and airline policy issues from AirSafe.com.
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Safety  A Website dedicated to improving the quality of aircraft maintenance and saving lives.  Read how maintenance errors in preparation for Annual Inspection created serious problems for this pilot.
  • Aircraft Wrecks in Southern California Aviation accidents of California from 1920 to present: information, links to other incident related sites, book reviews.
  • AirDisaster.Com  Goals of this site are to provide updates on breaking aviation-safety related stories, a central location for information about aviation accidents, and a forum for opinions on topics covered on this site.
  • Airline Crash Research Site The purpose of this site is to compile reference materials regarding commercial airline incidents and associated research work.
  • Airline Security Insider  Airline security news and commentary covering cabin and cockpit defense, upcoming changes, interviews, weather and flight delays.  Report and get feedback on onboard security incidents, or visit the Blog.  Run by an airline pilot.
  • Airworthy.US  Dedicated to restoring the concept of airworthiness to its role as the foundation upon which commercial/civil aviation rests.  Their mission is to ensure that everyone, worldwide, connected with commercial/civil aviation knows and understands the comprehensive meaning of airworthiness.
  • ARG/US Home  A consultancy that also provides the Preliminary Accident Notification System email service where data is downloaded several times a day from the FAA's preliminary accident files, processed into a structured database, and emailed to subscribers.
  • Ariane Information Inc.- Aviation  A privately owned international consulting firm, specialized in safety matters and offering assistance and solutions to airlines, training schools, airports, governments, civil aviation administrations, and corporations.  Offerings include publications, videos, partner training aids, passenger safety cards, technical manuals, training programs.
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau  The ATSB contributes to transport safety by independently investigating, analysing and openly reporting on transport safety matters.  All ATSB investigations are ‘no blame' - the emphasis is on learning to improve future safety.  The ATSB is responsible for the independent investigation of accidents and incidents involving civil aircraft in Australia.  All accidents and incidents related to flight safety in Australia or by Australian operators must be reported to the ATSB.
  • AviationDisasters  This mailing list is for the discussion of all disaster related aviation topics. From flight safety requirements, to crash analysis, all forms of discussion are valid. Conspiracy theorists and flamers are not really welcome, sensible discussion is.
  • Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research  AAIR is a source for U.S. military aircraft accident reports and individual aircraft record (history) cards.
  • Aviation Archaeology  From this site you can order USN, USAF, and USAAF accident reports.
  • Aviation Law News  An informational site with the latest aviation news, NTSB information, accident reports, safety precautions and easy access to lawyers specializing in aviation law.
  • Av-Ox, Inc.  Specializes in the sales and overhaul of aviation oxygen equipment (cylinders, masks, regulators, respirators, and valves) and also overhauls and repairs aircraft fire extinguishers.
  • Aviation.org Addresses safety issues through focus on cockpit command responsibilities.  Discussion groups, accident analysis, library.
  • Aviation Safety Data Exchange  This site is sponsored by The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) with data assistance from the FAA to provide a source of safety information for general aviation, amateur built, and ultralight aircraft.
  • Aviation Safety Network  Covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets.  The ASN Safety Database contains detailed descriptions of over 11,400 incidents, hijackings, and accidents.
  • Aviation Safety Project  Dedicated to improving aviation safety through increased understanding of pilot decision-making.  Sponsored by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, the National Science Foundation, and the University of Oregon.
  • Aviation Safety Reporting System The ASRS is a cooperative program established by the FAA's Office of the Assistant Administrator for System Safety, and administered by NASA.  The ASRS collects, analyzes, and responds to voluntarily submitted aviation safety incident reports in order to lessen the likelihood of aviation accidents.
  • Avsaf - Aviation Safety  Aviation safety news, accident reports, calender of events, forum, links to other aviaiton websites, and more.
  • Baldwin Aviation, Inc.  Committed to enhancing the aviation safety culture in flight departments by providing ongoing, cost-effective, time-saving safety management and compliance programs.  Its Safety Management and Compliance Program is IS-BAO certified so clients can become certified under the Baldwin umbrella within 3 to 4 months.
  • Barnstorming To Air Safety  A book by a former barnstomer that looks at the development of aviation from the early days of flying to the jet age: stories of barnstorming risk-takers, rum-runners, early Naval air schools, and descriptions of some of the first passenger flights.  Also, the development of air safety regulations.  The author, who joined the Bureau of Safety of the Civil Aeronautics Board (later the National Transportation Safety Board) provides the reader with details of aircraft accident investigations and findings while also affording a glimpse into how the government operates.
  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes - Jetliner Safety Information Site  Contains extensive information about aviation safety: what it is, who is responsible, and how accidents are investigated.  Of interest to parents, teachers, and young aviation enthusiasts is the flash media demonstration that shows in an easy-to-understand way how jetliners fly.
  • Brian Powers Waters  This retired pilot has written several books on the problems with airline safety.  He has been hosted on several talk shows: Larry King, Good Morning America, and others.  His writings are very straight-forward and hard-hitting in regard to the safety issues he sees and has experienced.  Author of "93 Seconds From Disaster," "Danger in the Air," "Margin for Error: None," and "Safety Last."
  • Cabin Safety Web Site  A site created by a group of safety specialists from the Saudi Arabian Airlines Cabin Safety Department.
  • Center for Aerospace Safety/Security Education  The Embry-Riddle CASE offers an academic minor program in Aviation Safety.
  • The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence A list of over 100 UFO crashes can be found on the CSETI Website.  You decide.
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Database  A database containing CVR transcripts of aviation accidents and incidents.
  • Colorado & Wyoming Aircraft Wreckchasing  Dedicated to those men and women of the US Armed Forces who lost their lives training.  The site documents military and historical aircraft crash sites in Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft  An archive with digitized official reports and information such as commentaries, research papers and discussions.
  • The Conversation at AirSafe.com  The official podcast of the AirSafe.com Foundation designed to raise public awareness about key issues involving aviation safety and security.
  • The Disaster homepage: BBC Education  A website produced in collaboration with the BBC TWO television series which examines the issues surrounding major international incidents.  Reconstructions and commentary from experts and witnesses.
  • Emergency & Disaster Management, Inc.  E&DM develops, implements, and assesses programs for public and private entities.  The Aviation Incidents section chronicles commercial and military airplane accidents, and has information about airport incidents and other topics related to aviation accidents.
  • Emergency Services International  Training for on and off airport emergency responders: evaluation and implementation of aviation safety system management programs, accident investigations and reconstruction, survival and crashworthiness analysis.  Approved by the FAA, meets and exceeds FAR139/319 and NFPA 1003.
  • EVAS Worldwide  The EVAS system allows a pilot to land safely in a smoke emergency.
  • FAA Flight Standards Service  This website provides Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety related information pertaining to Airlines and Aircraft.  Also, service information concerning aviation related schools, safety related forms, and FAA offices.
  • FAA Office of Accident Investigation  The principal organization within the FAA with respect to aircraft accident investigation and all activities related to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).  Includes 10 days of preliminary accident and incident data.
  • FAA Office of System Safety  Safety trend monitoring, policy advice, focal point for data and research.
  • FAA Public Affairs Those interested in the progress of the wiring inspections on older Boeing 737 aircraft may view FAA updates.
  • FAASafety.gov  The FAA seeks to improve the aviation safety record of the U.S. through safety training, outreach, and education.  Each of the FAA's eight regions has a Regional FAASTeam Office dedicated to this safety program and managed by the Regional FAASTeam Manager (RFM).  At the website you'll find information about the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program, an aviation learning center, events and seminars, and other pilot resources like links to some flight safety-related web sites.
  • Fire-Forums.com  A free fire and emergency services message board system.
  • Flight Accident Investigation, LLP  FAI is a aviation accident investigation partnership that provides an extensive aviation knowledge base to the legal and insurance communities.  Services include accident analysis, aviation consulting, specialized training, safety audits, expert selection consultation or expert testimony as well as opponent expert evaluation.
  • Flight Safety Foundation  An independent, nonpolitical, nonprofit, international organization offering an objective view of aviation safety developments.  Special reports, publications, seminar calendars and other useful information.
  • Flight Safety Information  Provides a daily electronic newsletter on current topics concerning flight safety from around the world.
  • The F.O.D Control Corporation  A line of products that reduce the number of Foreign Object Damage incidents.& FOD control discussion group, free FOD prevention booklet, FOD related links.
  • FSTOP - Film Safety for Traveling on Airlines  A film advocacy committee aimed at making the picture-taking public aware of potential damage to photographic film generated by new x-ray security scanners installed at airports worldwide for the inspection of checked baggage.
  • G-LOC - Military Aircraft Accident Info  Recent military aircraft accident information with a special focus on USAF, US Navy, USMC and European Air Forces aircraft.
  • George Washington University Aviation Safety and Security Management  Certificate program designed to take a comprehensive approach to integrating safety and security in air transportation.
  • The Georgetown Center for the Study of Violence  This news service provides international and national violence news updated daily, including coverage of airline-related violence.
  • Global Emergency Management  Assists airlines, charter operators, and private owners with emergency planning, response, business continuity, and crisis management needs.  They can train your staff to handle family assistance needs in the event of a crisis, as well as call centers and disaster support to the aviation industry.
  • Honeywell Aerospace Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System  The EGPWS uses aircraft inputs such as position, attitude, air speed and glideslope, which along with internal terrain, obstacles, and airport databases predict a potential conflict between the aircraft's flight path and terrain or an obstacle.
  • Honeywell Flight Safety Zone  Flight safety and security solutions for airports and aircraft.
  • Inflight Safety Page  A former flight attendant describes how to increase your awareness of inflight safety whenever you're on an aircraft.  Introduction, pre-flight, fire/smoke, decompression, brace position, ditching, examples of incidents.
  • Jet Safety.com  Crash data, mid-air collision/misses, bird strikes, crash photos, safety links, and F-16 crash page.
  • L-3 Communications  The world's largest manufacturer of commercial (L-3 Aviation Recorders division) and military (L-3 Electrodynamics Inc.) crash-protected recorders, or so-called "black boxes."
  • National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation  A non-profit organization with a mission to raise the standard of safety, security, survivability, and support through the constructive communications with all levels of government, departments, agencies, airline operators, manufacturers and industry associations.  The ADA seeks to inform the flying public on critical issues, and advocate for legislation and reform.
  • National Safe Skies Alliance  (Safe Skies)  A non-profit association serving aviation by providing impartial and effective testing and evaluation of safety and security devices and systems.  Funding is provided by its member institutions and by the Transportation Security Administration.
  • National Transportation Safety Board  An independent Federal agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation, conducts special investigations and safety studies, and issues safety recommendations to prevent future accidents.
  • North East England Air Crash Research  Aircraft crash sites in North East England and the Scottish borders.
  • Northern Ireland Aviation Archaeology Team  Investigations and excavations of wartime accidents in Northern Ireland.
  • Oklahoma Highway Patrol - Aircraft Unit  Provides air surveillance and tactical support for ground base law enforcement.  This division was started in 1948 and the first law enforcement agency in the nation to utilize aircraft for law enforcement purposes.
  • Oklahoma Wreckchasing  Involved in aviation archaeology since mid-1997 and based in Oklahoma City, they have details of over one hundred civilian and military aircraft crashes dating from 1929.  Arkansas and Oklahoma are primary areas of research.  Links to other aviation archaeology and crash sites.
  • PlaneCrashInfo.com  Large database of significant aviation accidents from 1908, famous people who died in accidents, statistics, links, pictures.
  • RoadSafe Europe  UK providers of dangerous goods safety services for all modes of transport - air, sea, rail, and road.
  • Sabre Aviation  Provides pilots with quality aviation ideas and insights into aviation decision making by reviewing aircraft accident data and analyzing the ‘decision trail’.  They also provide unique products and gifts for aviation enthusiasts.
  • SAFE Association  A non-profit professional association dedicated to ensuring personal safety and protection in land, sea, air, and space environments.
  • Safelander  A method to safely operate aircraft remotely from the ground if the onboard pilots become disabled or deviate from the approved flight plan.  The system uses two-way RF ground-to-aircraft and aircraft-to-ground telecommunication links and aircraft flight control data described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,974,349, "Remote, Aircraft, Global Paperless Maintenance System."
  • Safety First  An Airbus web site specifically dedicated to air safety subjects.
  • The SKYRAGE Foundation  A group that tries to bring the issue of passenger disruption and violence aboard commercial aircraft into better focus for both the flying public and professional aviation.
  • Transportation Safety Board of Canada  The TSB is an independent agency created by an Act of Parliament.  Its role is to advance transportation safety through the investigation of transportation occurrences in the marine, pipeline, rail and aviation modes.
  • United Kingdom Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)  This branch of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions is responsible for the investigation of civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents within the UK.
  • USFS Aviation Safety Home Page  The U.S. Forest Service page offers fire and aviation management resources..
  • Wyvern Aviation Consulting Ltd.  Global air charter safety audit firm.  The e-TWR database of charter operator safety reports provides information to charter customers.

Aviation Safety Equipment

  • Av-Ox, Inc.  Specializes in the sales and overhaul of aviation oxygen equipment (cylinders, masks, regulators, respirators, and valves) and also overhauls and repairs aircraft fire extinguishers.
  • D&R Sales and Services, Inc.  Distributor of supplier of airline safety equipment for commercial, commuter, and freight aircraft: evacuation slides, slide and raft assemblies, life rafts, life vests and life preservers.

Aviation Human Factors Sites

  • Australian Aviation Psychology Association AAvPA's primary objectives are to promote the exchange of information and advancement of knowledge in the fields of aviation psychology and human factors.
  • Aviation Human Factors Research Reports  Visitors can view abstracts of aviation human factors research reports and purchase copies of articles on line.
  • Flight Cognition Laboratory  Information from a NASA human factors group conducting research on aviation safety, skilled human performance, and the causes of accidents.  Many publications can be downloaded, and pointers are provided to book-length publications (e.g., The Limits of Expertise: Rethinking Pilot Error and the Causes of Airline Accidents).  Hot topics are discussed periodically.
  • Maintenance And Ramp Safety Society  MARSS is a non-profit society dedicated to reducing aviation human error.
  • System Safety Services  Dedicated to making aviation safer by training personnal how to avoid the human errors they never intend to make.

Sites About Specific Aviation Incidents

  • Bruderhof Peace Barn - A Flight 93 memorial  A project of the 5th-8th grade students of the Spring Valley School in Farmington, Pa.  These students have converted an old barn into a memorial for the heroes of Flight 93.  In addition, they have handcrafted the memorial benches for each passenger and crew member at the nearby Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville.
  • Continental Air Lines Flight 11  A blog about the sabotage and destruction of a Boeing 707 operated by Continental Airlines in 1962, resulting in the death of all 45 passengers and crew.
  • EgyptAir Flight 990 Final Report  NTSB report of the October 31, 1999 incident 60 miles south of Nantucket, Massachusetts.
  • Emery Worldwide Airlines Flight 17  Dedicated to the memory of the Emery Worldwide Airlines flight 17 aircrew and the events surrounding the crash on February 16, 2000, in Sacramento, California.
  • Flight 401 - The Black Box Story  The story of Eastern Airlines Tristar Flight 401 crash told using material from the Black Box.  It highlights how poor cockpit resource management caused a tiny light bulb to crash a Tristar.
  • Flight 592 Memorial  A memorial page dedicated to the ValuJet Flight 592 air disaster of May 11, 1996 with passengers and crew list, monuments, documents, discussion group.
  • Flight 800 Independent Researchers' Organization  Information, data, quotes, discussion list.
  • Gander: The Untold Story Information about the crash of an Arrow Air DC-8 in Gander, Newfoundland on December 12th, 1985.
  • The Hull Thread Proponent of the missle event theory in the downing of TWA Flight 800.
  • Irish Adventure of Richard Kukura and Tommy Hulme  This website is about the crash of a Beaufighter JL710 beside St Mogue's Island, Templeport Lake, Bawnboy on 17th March 1943 and the people who were involved at the time and subsequently.
  • Lost Birds Aviation Historical Society & Museum  Quarterly magazine, sponsorships, contact information.
  • Montagna Longa  The air disaster of Alitalia flight AZ112, a DC-8 which crashed in Montagna Longa, near Punta Raisi's Airport Palermo on 5 May 1972.
  • Pan Am 103 Crash Page  "The Lockerbie Facts and Frauds Page."
  • Pan Am 103 Trial Page  Trial news, features, schedule, evidence, legal issues.
  • Pilots for 9/11 Truth  Aviation professionals and pilots throughout the world who are committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.  Their main focus is on the four flights, the maneuvers performed, and the reported pilots.  They do not offer theory or point blame, however, they seek to determine the truth of that day "since the United States Government doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with answers."
  • Southwestern Aircraft Archaeology  They have searched for about 120 individual aircraft crash sites since 2001 in Arizona’s deserts and mountains, and have found 100 crash sites to date.  Lots of photos and "wreck chasing resources."
  • Splashdown on the Equator  The story of Handley Page Hastings TG579 Mark C-1.
  • The Truth about Flight BA038  This site takes a critical look at the incident.
  • TWA Flight 800 Disaster Cover-up Press reports, opinion, links to related information.
  • TWA Flight 800 Public Hearing--NTSB The US National Transportation Safety Board December 8-13, 1997 public hearing "to record evidence presented by persons involved in the accident and by parties to the investigation."  Profiles of the key players, hearing information, exhibit items in Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only, image gallery including Quicktime animations.
  • Viscounts in Africa - The Air Rhodesia Story  A history of Central African Airways-Air Rhodesia-Air Zimbabwe with many thumbnailed photos.  The Viscount Disasters are covered in detail.

Aviation Incident and Safety Blogs

  • Aviation Accident Litigators  A blog covering aviation accident news, legal news, safety news.
  • Aviation Safety Digest  This blog is your daily aviation safety briefing and chronicles developments in aviation safety, including coverage of the latest incidents and analysis of past events.

Aviation Safety

Website devoted to accidents, incidents and safety issues worldwide. Boasts the largest accident photo gallery on the web.
Airport Wildlife Mitigation
General information on bird strikes and other wildlife hazards at airports, focusing on control and research and development. Links to manuals, statistics, FAA Certalerts and Advisory Circulars, training opportunities and jobs. Provides access to the National Wildlife Strike Database - ONLINE.
Collection of articles on various aspects of air safety: air rage, child safety, bird hazards, fear of flying, etc. May locate accident briefs by searching either airline or aircraft. Links are provided for registering travel complaints such as overbooking and delays.
AOPA [Online Safety Center] Popular Database Searches
Sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, this is a database of general aviation accidents catalogued by cause of accident. Links are provided to the NTSB accident reports.
ASF (Air Safety Foundation) Safety Advisors
AOPA's Air Safety Foundation provides fulltext pdf publications dealing with weather, icing, fuel, spatial disorientation and other safety subjects.
Aviation Accident Statistics
Provided by the National Transportation Safety Board, this site includes numbers of passenger injuries, fatalities and accident rates for both Air Carriers (Parts 121 and 135) and General Aviation.
Aviation Safety and Security Archive
Click on 'Accident Reports' to obtain official reports of worldwide accidents. Browse by country of issuance, by accident location or by aircraft manufacturer.
Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing System (ASIAS)
This site provides links to several databases dealing with aviation incidents, accidents and safety. Click on the 'Data & Information' tab, then choose from the alphabetical list of databases.

Among the list you will find the FAA Accident/Incident Data System (incidents only) and the NTSB Aviation Accident and Incident Data System (incidents and accidents investigated by the NTSB). Also available are databases such as: Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), Near Midair Collision System (NMACS), NTSB Safety Recommendations to the FAA with FAA Responses, and World Aircraft Accident Summary (WAAS). Click on the desired database, then 'Query Tool' (upper right under 'Data') to bring up the appropriate form to complete your inquiry.
Aviation Safety Network
A service of the Flight Safety Foundation, this site features news briefs, accident reports, statistics, etc. The Aviation Safety Database lists accidents from 1943 to the present and is searchable by operator, cause, location and aircraft type. Click on 'Aviation Safety' for information regarding the safest place to sit on an aircraft, aircraft emergency exit locations and other passenger safety information.
Aviation Safety Reporting System
In the interest of aviation safety, incident reports are voluntarily and confidentially submitted to lessen the chances of aviation accidents. Click on "ASRS Report Sets" to retrieve 24 categories of reports reflecting such topics as bird strikes, CRM, runway incursions, and more. Callback, the monthly safety magazine, is also provided.
Bird Strike Committee USA
This group collects and analyzes wildlife strike data. Click on 'Significant Strike Events' to find a list of accidents caused by bird strikes. 'Links' will lead to strike statistics and other data/reports of interest.
Cockpit Voice Recorder Database
Provides transcripts of select aviation accidents and incidents; includes descriptive information about Cockpit Voice Recorders and Flight Data Recorders.
Computer-Related Incidents with Commercial Aircraft
This site is maintained by Peter B. Ladkin, a Professor at Bielefeld University. Click on 'Incidents and Accidents' for descriptive accident reports and 'Technical Problems and Research' for specific topics such as passenger electronics interference.
Federal Aviation Administration Fire Safety
Provides background information, reports, and conference papers on commercial aircraft fire safety research. Click on the tabs to access information on the Fire and Cabin Safety and Fire Resistant Materials programs, conference papers, and reports searchable by report number, title, author or keyword
Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965)
Accidents listed by year. You may search by keyword, accident date, carrier and/or location by clicking on the search button.
Investigation Process Research Resources (IPRR)
The IPRR has as its mission "to advance the state-of-the-art of investigations, through investigation process research." Click on "Library" for books, papers, presentations and standards.
ISASI: Aviation Safety Internet Website Links
Sponsored by the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, this site provides links to international government investigation agencies (many with fulltext accident reports on their websites), accident databases, statistics, and reports.
Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane Accidents
An FAA site that features accidents that have had a significant impact on aviation. Accidents are categorized by threat and common themes. The Accident Overview section provides links to videos and animations when available.
Nall Report
Published by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), this annual report presents statistics and commentary on general aviation accidents and safety concerns.
National Transportation Safety Board
This site provides the history, organizational chart, press releases, and the fulltext of many NTSB accident/safety publications. The Aviation Accident Database provides data from 1962 to the present. The results of the NTSB's major investigations, the Aviation Accident Reports, are available from 1996 to the present in Adobe Acrobat format from the Publications section of the NTSB site. In addition, the Hunt Library has posted the fulltext of most NTSB documents on the Hunt Library's web site.
NTSB Journal of Accident Investigation
'The Journal is an interdisciplinary publication that provides for the public exchange of ideas and information developed through accident investigations at the National Transportation Safety Board in all modes of transportation. The intended audience is professionals in safety, accident investigations, engineering, and the behavioral sciences.'
Winter 2005, Volume, Number 1
Spring 2006, Volume 2, Number 1
NTSB Opinions & Orders
Search for and receive the fulltext of NTSB Decisions from mid 1992 to the present. The Hunt Library owns earlier Decisions from 1967 to 1981 in microfiche and from 1982 to 1991 in the Reference collection.
Pilot Safety Brochures
Fulltext brochures dealing with human factors published by the FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute.
An accident database consisting of fatal civil and military accidents. Links include unusual accidents, accidents by type and by airline, safety ratings and famous deaths.
Runway Incursion Forum
Presentations from the NTSB's public forum on promoting runway safety.
Runway Safety Program
Sponsored by the FAA, this site promotes runway safety through the publication of full text reports, conference papers, and other items dealing with runway incursions. Safety is viewed from the perspectives of the pilot, ATC personnel and ground workers. Statistics regarding incursions and pilot deviations are included.
Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents
Produced by Boeing, this statistical survey presents world accident data in a graphical format and includes categories such as phase of flight, airplane type, primary cause, etc.
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
This is the Canadian equivalent of the United States' NTSB. The TSB homepage includes a copy of their mandate, a list of the members of the Board, a list of offices, accident reports and statistics.
White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security Final Report (Gore Commission)
A 1997 study, with recommendations, concerning the safety and security of the air transportation system.
World Aircraft Accident Summary
A subset of the World Aircraft Accident Summary (Ref TL 553.5 .W927), this database provides briefs of major domestic and foreign fatal accidents involving jet, turboprop and large piston-engine aircraft and helicopters for the past 10 years. Click on 'WAAS Subset Database Query Tool' to begin your search.

Military Accidents

Air Force Safety Center
Click on the statistics choices, presented mid-screen. (May only be accessible from the US military computer network.)
Department of Defense's Accident Investigation Manual
Accident Investigation, Reporting, and Record Keeping.
Naval Flight Surgeon's Pocket Reference to Aircraft Mishap Investigation
Intended as a ready reference field guide for naval aircraft mishap investigators. Includes the Department of Defense Human Factors Analysis and Classification System.
Naval Safety Center
Click on 'Statistics' (screen left, under 'Resources'), then 'Overall Navy' to find statistics on mishaps and fatalities. A link is provided under 'Services--Online Feedback' for those who wish to request federal agency records made available by the Freedom of Information Act.
U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center
Click on 'Army Statistics.' A link is provided to 'Other Military Services.'
U.S. Marine Corps Safety Division
Under 'Resources' on the left of the screen, click on 'statistics.'


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