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Aviation Security

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Checking passenger bags at the curb makes it more difficult to match a bag with its owner, and easier to get potentially lethal suitcases on to a plane. Last week, the FAA suspended curbside baggage check-in.

"Has anyone else had access to your bag?" Has anyone ever answered "Yes"? Checking for a photo ID is standard procedure, but the practice is erratic. Checked bags aren't always X-rayed.
Concession areas are a security question mark in many places. Most workers in the terminal currently faced no screening or background checks. Concourse workers face more stringent standards since they work beyond the security screening area. But at some airports, any vendor can gain access to the ramp and the plane without much difficulty.
Security companies are contracted by airlines to check passengers and their bags for weapons and other dangerous items. There are FAA standards, but no effective certification. Screeners are notoriously undertrained and underpaid as low as $6 an hour leading to rapid turnover rates, as high as 400%.
Passengers checking in at the gate face less scrutiny. Another big worry: passengers off connecting flights who may not have been adequately screened at a previous airport and bypass screening at the connections. New regs last week will allow only ticketed passengers in the boarding area.
Myriad people have access to a plane parked at the gate: cleaners, caterers, mechanics, refuelers and baggage handlers, each supervised by a different entity with its own standards. FAA regs now say anyone who touches the plane must have a criminal background check, but large numbers of workers are seasonal, some even undocumented, who may not been subject to checks. Unauthorized people can easily gain access via one of the many private jet companies that have more lax standards for entrance and little security. A teenager cut through perimeter fencing at Logan, and boarded a flight in 1999.

Aviation Security Web Sites

  • Airline Security Insider  Airline security news and commentary covering cabin and cockpit defense, upcoming changes, interviews, weather and flight delays.  Report and get feedback on onboard security incidents, or visit the Blog.  Run by an airline pilot.
  • The Aviation Nation  This blog "provides news and opinions about the state of our skies."
  • Aviation Safety and Security Association  This subsidiary of the Diversified Training Company has developed aviation safety and security training courses, security audits, and other services for airlines, corporations, charter companies, and government personnel.  The founders of the company have written a book for crewmembers called Aircrew Security: A Practical Guide.
  • Aviation Security International  Dedicated to safety issues (incidents of hijacks, attempted hijacks, air rage, sabotage and airport attacks) and directed to airport and airline security directors and managers, director generals of civil aviation authorities, flight and cabin crew instructors, immigration and customs officials and the senior management of the aviation industry?s regulatory authorities.
  • Corporate Travel Safety  Great site with free travel safety and security content including airport codes, airline ticket jargon, seat configurations, lost luggage tims, and much more.  Also, travel safety seminars, products, and tapes.
  • CREATE - Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events  This University of Southern California interdisciplinary national research center is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Their mission is to improve U.S. security through advanced models and tools for the evaluation of the risks, costs, and consequences of terrorism.
  • PlanetData  "The Security News Network" offers security news and information on a variety of subjects, including an Aviation Security page where you'll find news summaries with links to the original articles, information, analysis, and related events.  Registered users can submit story ideas, news, original articles and suggestions, as well as comment on stories and articles posted by their editors.
  • Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment  SAFEE is a project designed to restore confidence in the air transport industry.  The overall vision is the construction of an advanced aircraft security system designed to operate during on-board terrorist threat scenarios.  The main goal of this system is to ensure a full secure flight from departure to arrival destination whatever the identified threats.
  • SecurityInfoWatch.com  Providing news, products, trends, and issues shaping the rapidly changing security industry.
  • The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)  An open forum for anyone interested in risk analysis.
  • Vigilo Risk  An independent security briefing for the transport industry covering the risks, threats, and other changing factors that make an impact on the movement of goods and people by air, sea, and land.
  • VT On Security and LCC  This blog is about aviation security in India.

Aviation Security Products

  • AD Aerospace  FlightVu aircraft safety and security systems and TransVu ground transport safety and security systems.
  • Aeros Aviation  In-flight entertainment, airborne communications, and biometric airport security products.  Secure aviation facilities environment (SAFE) developed for airports and aviation facilities - combining technologies through the integration of biometric access controls, video surveillance, and wireless high-speed communications.
  • American Science and Engineering  AS&E's advanced X-ray inspection systems are used by governments and businesses worldwide to combat terrorism and trade fraud.
  • BlastGard International Inc.  Develops, designs, manufactures, and markets proprietary blast mitigation materials, including the BlastGard Mitigated-Bomb Receptacle which provides airport security personnel with an effective tool, if and when an explosive is discovered.
  • Brijot Imaging Systems  Manufactures a millimeter wave object detection system that enhances airport security by detecting objects hidden underneath clothing in real time, providing the capability to detect hidden explosives, currency, narcotics, or other contraband items.  This is a passive system that does not direct any energy at the subject.
  • CryptoMetrics  A provider of sophisticated biometric devices and software to government, aviation security, law enforcement, military, homeland security and commercial markets worldwide.
  • Daon  A biometric identity management company serving the transportation and other industry sectors.
  • Eurotech, Ltd.  The emerging technology business segment of this corporate asset manager includes the Acoustic Core family of explosives detection products for homeland security.
  • EyeTicket Corporation  A developer and provider of high-volume, biometric-based travel processing, including the EyePass and JetStream iris-recognition products for airport access control.
  • FAM International  Security tamper tape for the aviation industry.
  • Gemalto  Digital security devices, and provider of the RFID chip for U.S. passports.
  • ICx Technologies, Inc.  Advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security, including a field-portable mass spectrometer system and the Fido PaxPoint technology that can screen sealed bottled liquids for explosives.
  • Kenzi Technology  This technology and security systems company is based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and offers security systems solutions in the areas of asset tracking, homeland security and anti-terrorist systems, and smart buildings.  Airport security applications include "chipless RFID" for baggage tags and boarding passes.
  • Kleen Foot  Take off your shoes, slip these on, and you're protected from foot diseases as you pass through security.
  • Markland Technologies, Inc.  The EOIR Technologies Inc. wholly owned subsidiary of this integrated homeland security company has developed and delivered an integrated sensor suite for counter terrorism surveillance.  The suite is designed for use aboard man portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms.
  • SafeCardID  Make your aviation badges in house or use their custom service bureau to provide necessary aviation badging.
  • Smartrac  A leading supplier of inlays in the field of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) with inlays for contactless bank and credit cards, and ePassports.
  • SourceSecurity.com  An industry guide for security products, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, wireless security cameras, network security cameras, biometric readers, smart card readers, infrared cameras, security surveillance and wireless security systems.
  • TamperSeal  Specializing in TSA luggage locks, luggage tags, travel comfort, and travel security supplies.  All US orders ship free.
  • Techsphere Systems  A worldwide provider of spherical airship platforms for use in commercial, research, and government applications.  TSI manufactures, owns, operates, leases and sells these platforms.
  • TraceGuard  Providing automated trace detection of explosives and other hazardous materials, for applications in aviation security and across the homeland defense sector.
  • Videalert  Advanced video content analysis technology with security and threat detection applications.  Airport applications include a virtual tripwire facility to increase the effectiveness of perimeter security (the system can be set to ignore aircraft, animals, vehicles, and only alert when a person is within a pre-defined zone), a counter flow function to spot anybody going the wrong way in arrivals or departures, and an abandoned object detection function.
  • WorldSecurity-index  This database of security and defense equipment (plus supporting services) is designed to for professionals in the homeland defense, security, law enforcement, counter terrorism, and fire and rescue industries.

Aviation Security Training

  • Barker & Associates  TSA compliant security awareness training for flight instructors and flight schools.  General aviation security, training, and consultation services.
  • Cabin Secure Aviation  Provides aviation security training and course development for crews and GSC's (Ground Security Coordinators).  Also offers aviation security consulting, auditing, and compliance solutions.
  • FAM International  Overseas security awareness courses for air crews.
  • Finnish Security Projects Ltd  An aviation security training and consultancy based in Finland but operating world wide.  Training in Finnish, English, and Spanish.
  • George Washington University Aviation Safety and Security Management  Certificate program designed to take a comprehensive approach to integrating safety and security in air transportation.
  • Get Licensed  Assisting individuals and businesses to obtain SIA (Security Industry Authority) training.
  • HSI Group Haganah Security International  The Sky Guard Defense? system was developed to stop hostile passengers or would-be terrorists in flight.  This civilian-based anti-terrorism and hostile persons control system was developed specifically for the special needs of airline security and aircrew personnel.
  • ICTS International N.V.  Comprehensive security solutions for the aviation and homeland security sectors, including aviation security training programs, and security consulting and personnel services.  ICTS International N.V. has established a fully-owned subsidiary, I-SEC (International Security) for the aviation security market in Europe.
  • The International School for Security and Explosives Education  A specialist training provider to commercial, law enforcement, and military organisations in Search, Security, Explosives, and Counter Terrorism.
  • ISI Training Center  Counter terrorism training courses developed to eliminate sky terrorism.  ISI courses are based on the knowledge accumulated by instructors in the aviation security area.  Train aviation crews to deal with possible threats.
  • Reem Aviation Security Consultants  Specializes in Ground Security Coordinators (GSC) Training and provides a variety of aviation security services: airline corporate security consulting, background checks, pre-employment verification audits, dedicated GSC?s to cover flights at high-risk airports, cargo security training, cargo security audits, domestic profilers training.
  • Renful Aviation Security Ltd  Based in the UK and dedicated to the development and provision of aviation security consultancy, procedures, training seminars, computer based training systems and equipment for security applications.  Services provided to governments, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines, and others.

Aviation Security Services

  • Airground Services Asia  A provider of elite travel, event management, private aviation, and security services for VIPs and discerning travellers in Asia Pacific.  Offering clients (heads of state, Fortune 500 bosses, government and aid agencies, international celebrities or high-end tourists) the security, knowledge, and integrated facilities they need to travel, tour, or do business in the region.
  • Airport Security Consulting  This site is dedicated to airports security and the continuous fight against international civil aviation - targeted terrorism.  It aims to be a meeting point for all people who bear the heavy charge of taking care of airports and passengers security all around the world.
  • Applied Psychology  Business travel safety and security consultants that apply fundamental psychological principles to help corporate travel executives and corporate travel providers understand, manage, and influence all aspects of business travel behavior.
  • ASI Group  Provides crisis-management, prevention, and pre-incident services to private clients and families, financial institutions and major corporations worldwide.  (Formerly Air Security International.)
  • Aviation Defence &?Security  Aviation security consulting services, training (skymarshall,CTU, E.P.) and protection.  Main office in Germany.
  • AvSec Consulting  Provides a full range of security consulting services and advice to airlines, airports, and air freight companies.
  • Blackwater USA  This professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company offers fixed and rotary-wing aviation operations and logistics programs.  They also share the same parent with Aviation Worldwide Services (AWS) and Presidential Airways who support support both commercial and government clients moving cargo, passengers, or needing a specialized aviation package. Blackwater is reported to be developing an airship capable of monitoring ground activities and transmitting the information to remotely located clients.
  • Carillon Information Security  A company specializing in identity and authentication management consulting and services in the aerospace and air transport industries.  They're active in the Air Transport Association Security working groups, as well as with the TSCP and CertiPath collaborative Industry Identity Management programs.
  • Command Security Corporation  Supplies armed and unarmed security officers to protect buildings, assets and people.  Aviation Safeguards is the aviation services division.
  • Covenant Security Companies  This American-owned, global operation has a primary focus on security, training, and assessments.  Covenant Aviation Security (CAS) provides total security solutions for the aviation community for the protection of U.S. airways and travelers, including airport screening, individualized products/services, and multifaceted/integrated project designs and installation.
  • Global Security Associates  Providing worldwide security services to the aviation and executive world.  Services range from counter-terrorism and asset protection, to special event security and VIP protection.
  • ICTS International Limited  ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) is a global supplier of aviation security services and tailored security products, including passenger and cargo profiling, baggage and cargo security, airport and craft services security.
  • IntelCenter  This company focuses on "studying terrorist groups and other threat actors and disseminating that information in a timely manner to those who can act on it. [They] look at capabilities and intentions, warnings and indicators, operational characteristics and a wide variety of other points in order to better understand how to interdict terrorist operations and reduce the likelihood of future attacks."
  • ITA Overseas Escorts Ltd.  Provides turnkey security solutions to the Homeland Security Sector, including the UK Home Office, Borders and Immigration Agency, foreign governments, airlines, and shipping companies.  They can assist airlines and shipping companies with liability removal issues.
  • ManTech International Corporation  Information technology and technical services solutions for U.S. federal government customers.  Their expertise covers software development, enterprise security architecture, information assurance, intelligence operations support, network and critical infrastructure protection, information technology, communications integration and engineering support.  Customers include the TSA in support of the Alien Flight School Program.
  • OSI Systems, Inc.  OSI and its subsidiaries are a vertically integrated, worldwide provider of security and inspection systems.
  • Renful Aviation Security Ltd  Based in the UK and dedicated to the development and provision of aviation security consultancy, procedures, training seminars, computer based training systems and equipment for security applications.  Services provided to governments, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines, and others.
  • Securitas AB  An international security company based in Sweden with operations in more than 30 countries, primarily in Europe and North America.  See also http://www.securitas.fi/ (Finland), http://www.securitas.se/ (Sweden), http://www.securitas.is/, http://www.securitas.ch/ (Switzerland), http://www.securitas.co.uk/ (UK), http://www.securitas.es/ (Spain), http://www.securitas-fr.com/ (France).
  • Spranza International  Consultants in civil aviation security: compliance consulting, training, security force management, and more.  Special events, hosted training programs, and links.
  • Transecure, Inc.  A professional services organization offering expert security consulting services for airports and the aviation and transportation communities, specializing in airport security and information technology, biometrics, and blast analysis.
  • Veritas Analytics  Experts on air transportation and immigration security offering supply chain security inspections in support of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).  Their approach is based on extensive military and intelligence experience.

Aviation Security Publications

  • Airport Book  A former TSA screener wrote "I Might As Well Be Naked! How to Survive Airport Screening with Your Clothes On" to help airline passengers get through security checkpoint as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Sign up for a free Travel Security Tip of the Week by email.
  • Airport Policy and Security Newsletter  This newsletter by the Reason Foundation examines and analyzes the latest airport security and screening news and developments.  Available online and via email.
  • Aviation Security International  The airport and airline information source on hijacks, air rage, asylum seekers, bomb threats, aircraft sabotage, terrorists and terrorism.  Methodologies and technologies countering the threat, including passenger screening, X-ray, explosive trace detection, profiling, biometric identification, reinforced cockpit doors, sky marshals, SWAT teams and CCTV, are reviewed.  Six times a year.  Subscribe.
  • Homeland Defense & Security Monitor  This twice-monthly intelligence report comes from Exchange Monitor Publications and exclusively covers the activities and programs of the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Energy and State, as well as state and local agencies addressing counterterrorism, domestic preparedness, first response, force protection, physical security, technology RDT&E, and defense threat reduction.

Security Agency Sites

  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority  Protecting the public by securing critical elements of the air transportation system as assigned by the government.
  • Department of Homeland Security  Includes news on latest threats, advisories, planning tips, and job opportunities.
  • DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP)  At this page, travelers can seek redress and resolve possible watch list misidentification issues with any of the department?s component agencies.  If you have been denied boarding because you are on the "no fly" list, look for help at this site.
  • Flysmart  This site was created to inform international airline passengers of the security measures introduced on 31 March 2007 for flights departing from New Zealand.
  • Homeland Security  The White House page for the federal agency whose primary mission is to help prevent, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism.
  • Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism  An Agency of the Organization of American States (OAS), CICTE was created to exchange information between national authorities, establishment a database of terrorism issues, assist in drafting counterterrorism legislation, compile treaties and agreements, enhance border cooperation and travel documentation security measures, and develop activities for training and crisis management.  The CICTE originated with the Second Specialized Conference on Terrorism held in Mar del Plata, Argentina on November 23-24, 1998.
  • Transportation Security Administration  Established by the November 19, 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), this U.S. Department of Transportation unit seeks to protect U.S. transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.  The website offers employment opportunities (such as airport security screener positions), security regulations and relevant information relating to transportation security activities, information pertaining to security and law enforcement operations that is suitable for public distribution, and information for transportation entities including terminal operators, airport officials, private transportation businesses (airlines, trucking companies, shippers, etc) and employees.  Travelers and consumers of transport services will find tips and updates pertaining to transportation security laws.
  • TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items 
  • The United States General Accountability Office  Reports and testimonies related to transportation security issued since October 2000 organized in three categories: aviation security, maritime security, and surface transportation security.

Airport & Aircraft Security

  • Airport Security Consulting  This site is dedicated to airports security and the continuous fight against international civil aviation - targeted terrorism.  It aims to be a meeting point for all people who bear the heavy charge of taking care of airports and passengers security all around the world.
  • Calidris  A software solution company that provides revenue and booking integrity and security solutions for the airline and transportation industries.  The Calidris SafeGuard solution matches names in bookings with names on government watchlists using an algorithm to identify specific "target" names with high accuracy, even if the names are spelled differently or misspelled.
  • CardTechnology.com  A source for news about smart cards and such related payment and identification technologies as biometrics, PKI, mobile commerce, physical access control, and computer network security.  Keep track of up coming Smart Card Conferences and find smart card vendors in the Smart Card and ID Resource Guides.
  • FAM International  Specialized security solutions, including physical security for aircraft, airport vulnerability assessments, aviation training.
  • Frontline Robotics Inc.  Develops and markets a robot operating system for teams of collaborative security robots.  Also, robots for performing functions such as scanning airports for hazardous materials, nuclear emissions, explosives, unattended baggage, or anything defined as not normal.
  • FSTOP - Film Safety for Traveling on Airlines  A film advocacy committee aimed at making the picture-taking public aware of potential damage to photographic film generated by new x-ray security scanners installed at airports worldwide for the inspection of checked baggage.
  • General Defense Systems, Inc.  GDS is an integrated services firm that specializes in the conception, development, and deployment of mission-critical broadband network and wireless surveillance applications, including facial and voice recognition systems.  Its customer base includes the FAA and the U.S. Customs Service.
  • Global ePoint  Manufactures surveillance security technology turnkey solutions: cameras with digital video recording (DVR) capability for closed-circuit TV security and access control equipment with proximity card readers.
  • Graphco Technologies Inc.  G-TEC is an advanced technology and systems development company and a leading provider of secure access, biometric identification, surveillance and secure data hosting solutions.
  • Heimann Systems Group  X-ray inspection systems for airports, and other applications.
  • High Security Group Ltd  High security devices and and airport security consulting services.
  • How Airport Security Works  From the Howstuffworks site.
  • IAI-Elta Electronics Industries  Producer of the Flight Guard self-protection system for aircraft, which uses decoy flares to thwart incoming missiles.
  • I.D. Systems, Inc.  The Wireless Asset Net system replaces ground support vehicle ignition keys with ID cards.
  • Identix Incorporated  The Identix Live Scan Systems will be used to assist the airports in complying with the employee background check requirements of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.
  • Intercept Security, Inc.  A multinational semiconductor company that develops and markets radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to airports, airlines, and federal security oversight agencies.
  • InVision Technologies  Develops, manufactures, markets and supports explosive detection systems for civil aviation security explosives detection system based on advanced computer tomography (CT) technology (the CTX 5000 series).
  • L-1 Identity Solutions  Systems for managing human identity, including the Viisage face-recognition technology for overt screening at airport security checkpoints.
  • L-3 Communications  This maker of military aerospace communications systems also provides explosive detection products (the eXaminer 3DXTM 6000 Explosive Detection System) through it's Security Systems division.
  • LaBarge, Inc.  This broad-based provider of electronic products and services produces electronic and box-level assemblies used in airport baggage X-ray inspection systems.
  • Laser Data Command, Inc.  Provider of the PassPro passenger identity boarding and bag match system that was developed for interfacing with existing airline systems.  The passenger's video image and identification is compressed into a 2-dimensional barcode which is printed on the passenger's boarding pass.  When the boarding pass is scanned at the jetway, the passenger's color image appears from the barcode onto a computer screen to confirm the right to board.  Also at check-in, the passenger's bag image is similarly captured for matching to the passenger's ID.
  • Magnetic Automation Corporation  Automatic immigration barriers for entrance control in airports, sea ports, international borders, high profile manufacturing plants, and government facilities.
  • MANPADS Fact Sheet  This press release from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security describes the Man-Portable Air Defense Systems program that uses military technology to protect commercial aviation from shoulder-fired missiles.
  • McNeil Security Inc.  MSI provides private passenger and baggage screening services for the Transportation Security Administration at the Greater Rochester International Airport, NY under the TSA Screening Partnership Program (SPP).  MSI can assist airports with the Opt Out program, consulting for airport security, and provide program management solutions that are customer centric and performanced based.
  • Nastec International  Airline security programs, and a Sky Marshall training program.
  • P-CEL Research Incorporated  The CRUPAX?Flight Deck Security System is a modernization of the double door concept, with a security curtain replacing the second door.
  • PerkinElmer, Inc.  PerkinElmer Detection Systems produces electronic equipment for airport checked-baggage X-ray inspection systems.
  • RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd.  The Britening system uses a directional infra-red countermeasure system to disrupt incoming missiles.
  • Rapiscan Systems  Designs, manufactures, and delivers walk-through and hand-held metal detectors and automated explosive detection systems.
  • Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc.  Producing the EDS (Explosives Detection System) designed to integrate into the operational flow of an airport.
  • RUSI/Jane's Homeland Security &?Resilience Monitor  Provides analysis and assessment for the security and disaster response communities in both the public and commercial sectors.  Experts deliver informed debate and analyses of strategic, operational and tactical issues.  Online, CD, and print subscriptions available.
  • Securicor plc  This group provides a variety of security, distribution and communication services, including airport security. Securicor aquired Argenbright Security.
  • SecurityCosmos.com  A source for institutional security products and information, including airport security.
  • Smart Access, Inc.  A designer and manufacturer of microcontroller-based access and security systems for airports and other commercial establishments.
  • Spinlock  An R&D company closely related to the National University of Cordoba, Argentina that develops explosives detection devices for human bodies, luggage, and shoes.  Scanning aproved by ICAO.
  • Transecure, Inc.  A professional services organization offering expert security consulting services for airports and the aviation and transportation communities, specializing in airport security and information technology, biometrics, and blast analysis.
  • Verified Identity Pass, Inc.  Creator of the Clear biometric "fast pass" system, where members go through an application process to obtain a card that will grant them expedited security screening at multiple venues including airports, office buildings, and sports arenas.
  • Vidient Systems Inc.  Intelligent video technology for security applications, including at airports.

Registered Traveler Program

  • The Clear Registered Traveler program  For an annual fee, Clear membership gets you through airport security at participating airports.
  • FLO Corporation  RT enrollment services using enrollment stations, credentialing of TSA-approved registered travelers through the issuance of a proprietary smart card, and RT authentication services at security checkpoints using authentication kiosks.  FLO-issued smart cards are designed to be interoperable with authentication stations deployed by other TSA-approved service providers.
  • Fly Fast  A service provider (TSA certification pending) offering companies in the registered traveler industry with: customer acquisition and enrollment services, market analysis and marketing support, training, project management, and staffing.
  • Priva Technologies, Inc.  Develops and markets advanced authentication technologies and transaction processing solutions for a variety of government, enterprise, and consumer markets.  Approved by the Transportation Security Administration as a service provider for its Registered Traveler program.
  • Registered Traveler Forum  A global summit on registered traveler programs to be launched at ID WORLD 2006 in Milan with a dedicated session during the Global Security Forum conference on November 30, 2006.  The first Registered Traveler Forum will go live in Paris in the 1st quarter of 2007.
  • rtGO  A certified Registered Traveler program operated in partnership with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Members "pass through security checkpoints quickly and efficiently with the help of innovative TSA-approved technologies and highly trained, courteous professionals."
  • Saflink  This biometric identification and card management company has developed identity verification and secure credentialing technologies for the U.S. Government.  They are a member of the Fast Lane Option group.
  • Saphire  This exclusive exclusive program offers fast, secured, and privileged airport services to members that enhances travel convenience at Jakarta's international airport: preferred parking in front of the terminal, fast tracking through the security check with iris scanning identification, and preferred check-in treatment with airlines participating in the program.
  • TSA Registered Traveler Program  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Registered Traveler page describes the Program, lists participating airports, provides links to associated documents, and contains other information.
  • Registered Traveler [RT] Program  A good description of the program from GlobalSecurity.org.
  • Transportation Security Clearinghouse  The Federal Aviation Administration and the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) agreeed the Clearinghouse would collect fingerprints and fees submitted by regulated parties.
  • Verant Identification Systems Inc.  Providing methods of identity verification that include combining their Personal Identification and Verification System (PIVS) with several available hardware products.  Certified by the TSA as a service provider for the Registered Traveler Program in the U.S.
  • Verified Identity Pass, Inc.  Providing a consumer product for the "voluntary identity credentialing industry."  Participants in the Registered Traveler Program at airports can spend less time in security lines.
  • Vigilant Solutions  Their "Preferred Traveler (PT) Program," is a TSA certified Registered Traveler program that features three levels of passenger convenience services: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Aviation Security Blogs & Podcasts

  • Airport Book Blog  This blog by a screenwriter and former TSA Airport Dual Function Security Screener has lots of travel tips, TSA updates, and informative articles about what is going on with airport security.
  • AlertsUSA  The Homeland Security terrorism alert and event notification service.  This includes a weekly podcast and also content delivered to your cellular telephone via a combination of text messages (initial notification), and wireless streaming audio (expanded alert details), both live and on-demand.  Straight text message service is also available for pagers and standard email addresses.
  • Evolution of Security  This blog is sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process.  Comment volume is very heavy on airport security issues faced by all air travelers.
  • Homeland Security Watch  The blog with news and analysis of critical issues in homeland security today.
  • RFID Privacy Protection  This blog deals with things individuals can do to protect themselves from the privacy implications of RFID tags.
  • Schneier on Security  A weblog covering security and security technology, by security guru Bruce Schneier.  Covers security issues in general, not just aviation.
  • The Travel Security Blog  Focuses on news and commentary about travel safety, airline security, and airport security.


Airline Pilots' Security Alliance
An organization of pilots from every major U.S. airline whose focus is airline security. Links include the Understanding the Armed Pilots Program (under "Background") and Legislation.
Aviation and Transportation Security Act
This act, Public Law 107-71, 107th Congress, November 19, 2001, established the Transportation Security Administration.
Department of Homeland Security
The official site of the agency charged with 'coordinating national strategy to strengthen protections against terrorist threats or attacks in the United States.' Click on the tabs at the top of the page to view laws, regulations, publications, etc. relating to information dissemination, prevention/protection and preparedness/response.
Historical FARs dealing with security
Historical (pre-September 11, 2001) FAR Parts 107 (Airport security), 108 (Airplane operator security) and 109 (Indirect air carrier security).
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
Includes citations and a few full-text links to research reports produced by the START center. Click on "Data" on the left navigation bar to link to the Global Terrorism Database, the Terrorism & Preparedness Data Resource Center, and the Social Vulnerability Index.
National Security Archive
The world's largest non-governmental library and archive of declassified U.S. documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Of particular interest are the September 11th Sourcebooks and FAA Documents Referenced in the 9/11 Commission Report.
Security Central
Sponsored by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), this site provides security alerts, security resources, presentations and other items of interest concerning the security challenges facing airports.
Transportation Security Administration
This site includes the TSA mission statement, history, and other items of interest regarding TSA security regulations and activities.
U.S. Department of State - Country Reports on Terrorism
Each annual report covers developments in countries in which acts of terrorism occurred, countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, and countries of interest in the global war on terror. Earlier years of "Patterns of Global Terrorism" and other terrorism-related annual reports are available under "Archive."
White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security Final Report (Gore Commission)
A 1997 study, with recommendations, concerning the safety and security of the air transportation system.


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