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Aviation on Television

  • 2FLYTV  Producers of high-end aviation videos and television programs that have been distributed across the video on demand services of Comcast and Cablevision.  General aviation blog, aviation news, and exclusive videos.
  • Airline  The A&E TV show.  Each episode showcases the highs and lows that passengers and crew face behind the scenes of the Southwest Airlines.  Follow Southwest Airlines pilots, flight attendants, and airport employees as they experience heartwarming passenger stories, occasional outbursts, weather-related anxiety and heightened security measuresall while trying to meet everyone's urgent timetable. A&E Network brings the viewer behind the counter, onto the tarmac and into cockpit for this real life series.
  • Airline Ads  Classic airline commercials from the past four decades.  They're rated by the degree to which they are lightly cheesy, contain fashions reflecting the decade, show reference to an aircraft, are campy, and have a catchy jingle.  You'll need the latest version of Quicktime to view the commercials.
  • Aviation TV  An international satellite channel established in Jordan and specializing in the aviation industry, broadcasting aviation programs, aviation science, aviation advertisements, aviation news and updates, and aviation events and activities.
  • Branson Show - Media Man Australia  A Richard Branson tribute, including a profile of his reality TV show, The Rebal Billionaire - Branson's Quest for the Best.  For aviation followers and Branson watchers.
  • Chasing the Sun  PBS program about the history of commercial aviation.  Website offers an aviation timeline, planes through the years, innovators, companies, TV schedule.
  • Discovery Wings  TV listings and more from the Discovery Channel.
  • FlySouth TV Media  Broadcast-quality aviation video productions documenting South Africa's sport, recreational, civil, and military aviation.  Television productions on special aviation events available to foreign markets interested in the South African aviation.
  • ITVV  Intelligent Television and Video.  a producer of aviation videos and documentary style programmes, including airliner cockpit documentaries made with the co-operation of major airlines, and the story of the Hurricane R4118.
  • Jay Jay The Jet Plane  This children's program follows the exciting adventures of a perky and curious six-year-old jet plane, Jay Jay, and his airplane friends.  They live and play at Tarrytown Airport.  Each episode includes valuable life lessons for young children and airs on PBS Kids and on PBS Kids Sprout in the United States.  Jay Jay also airs on other leading networks worldwide.
  • Military Channel  Includes the Airpower television program, and other shows with aviation themes.
  • Mr. Monk and the Airplane  This very funny episode of the TV series "Monk" finds Adrian at the airport, then on a plane ride that no one would forget.  Ticket Clerk: I can assure you, Mr. Monk, this particular aircraft has a perfect safety record. Monk: Could I see it?
  • Sport Pilot TV  A weekly program that puts you in the flying seat of all kinds of aircraft - conventional, sport pilot category, and experimental.  Episodes are available on DVD.
  • Wings Over Canada  The homepage of the Canadian TV series of the same name for bush planes and wilderness Canada adventures.  Wilderness flying videos, episode videos, show descriptions, and shooting details.
  • Wings to Adventure  High Definition television programming on The Outdoor Channel.  Historic aircraft, museums, bush pilots, restorations, GA manufacturers, destinations.  It's all there.  See the website for the TV schedule, outtakes, and the cast and crew.
  • Yamgo Extreme Sports Mobile TV Productions and Publishing  Specialising in air and aviation sports, including skydiving, acrobatic flying, and paragliding.


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