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Cabin/Flt Crew Training

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  • The Airline Academy  Training for ticket agents, customer service reps, reservationists, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, and pilots.  Located in the main terminal of the Daytona Beach International Airport in Florida.
  • Airline Career Prep  This service helps aspiring flight attendants achieve their dream.  They specialize in flight attendant interview training along with quality flight attendant resumes and cover letters.
  • Airline Training & Employment Agency  A school in Toronto providing employment services and training to flight attendants and various airline staff.
  • Arizona State University Department of Aeronautical Management Technology  Concentration in Professional Flight and Air Transportation Management.  Professional pilot students are trained to specific airline standards.
  • Ascot  An air hostess and hospitality training academy located in India.
  • Aviation Courses  An independent aviation safety training company in the UK specialising in safety and emergency procedure training for flight attendants and pilots.
  • Aviation Training Service Company  Offers aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) and human factors training courses for pilots and cabin crew.  Run by experienced and accredited CRM Instructors and CRMI Examiners.  Hampshire, UK, but they often travel to company locations to deliver.
  • Blue Sky Careers  Corporate aviation training for pilots and flight attendants in the UK and Europe.  Safety training available to operators and for freelance crew.  Training courses for flight attendants entering the industry.
  • Bond Aviation Services  An FAA 142 cabin and crew training center for B737 initial and recurrent training for individuals, corporate flight departments, airlines, BBJ operators.  (Classic and Next Generation).  On-site Designated Exmaminers (TCE).
  • Cabin Secure Aviation  Provides aviation security training and course development for crews and GSC's (Ground Security Coordinators).  Also offers aviation security consulting, auditing, and compliance solutions.
  • Career in Travel  Cabin crew courses.
  • CareerAirways  Intensive flight attendant interview and career training preparation, and other related services such as instructional manuals, books, videos, DVDs, hands on training, professional flight attendant resumes, mock interviews, and more.
  • CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management Peer Support Training Seminars  Specialized Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer Support Training seminars for the aviation/transportation industry.
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Training  A training program for professionals who want to become corporate flight attendants, held each year in Long Beach, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta / Savannah, Georgia; and London, United Kingdom.  Also, in-house and corporate flight department training.
  • Cranfield Aviation Training  Registered and accredited with the South African Civil Aviation Authorities, and offering courses in Crew Resource Management, Dangerous Goods, Safety & Emergency Procedures Training, Flight Operations and Despatcher Training, ACAS and RVSM, Radio Telephony, Safety Officer Training, Cabin Crew Initial Training/Abinito, Fire Fighting, Ditching and Survival Training.
  • Environmental Tectonics Corporation  ETC designs, develops, installs and maintains aircrew training systems through a joint-venture with ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.
  • Flight Attendant Training Online  Provides training and career consulting for those who aspire to a flight attendant career.

  • Global Air Training  Delivers aircrew training services to airlines, aviation operators, and associated companies worldwide.  Expertise in the fields of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP), Aviation Security, Aviation First Aid (Immediate Care) and Cabin Service.
  • Go To Flight School!  FAA certified flight school training for flight attendants, and more.  Airline represented Board of Directors, lifetime placement, and financial aid available.
  • IASCO Cockpit crew training.
  • Inflight Innovations  Offering cabin crew consulting: creation, development, and facilitization of training programs, as well as cabin crew manuals and procedure analysis.  Technologically advanced training methods include 360 degree interactive imaging and online training.
  • International Institute of Travel and Tourism  An online Flight Attendant safety training and tourism studies faculty established to extend training in the areas of aviation safety, and hospitality to international students.  They offer accredited certificate, diploma, and associate degree training programs in various disciplines completely online, using virtual web tutoring technology.
  • Ready2Fly  Training courses to ensure that potential cabin crew recruits know how to pass the airline application process.  They offer a money back guarantee.
  • Results Centre Flight Attendant Career Preparation Course  A flight attendant career preparation college running one day career preparation courses available throughout Australia and in New Zealand.
  • SAS Flight Academy  Provides training for cabin crews and ships' officers in Stockholm, Sweden, and in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Skyblue Aviation  UK TRTO specialising in ATR42/72 and B737 flight crew training.
  • Sristys Aviation  Online air hostess training (flight attendants / cabin crew).
  • Terema - Team Resource Management  A group of aviation and healthcare professionals with many years experience in teaching Crew Resource Management (CRM) within the airlines.  Training provided in any environment where safety and efficiency are important.
  • World Wide Travel Training  Provides information and distance learning training courses for the travel and tourism industry, the public and private educational sectors as well as corporate clients.  Training courses for Airline Cabin Crew (Introduction) and Airline Passenger Services (Introduction).



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