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Engineering Quick Reference Website


Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook
This site is an Internet version of Applied Aerodynamics.
FoilSim and CurveBall Download (NASA)
Simulation software available for download for predicting airflow around various airfoil shapes.
The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage
A very long list of aircraft identifying what airfoils were used in construction. From the Dept. of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at the Univ. of Illinois.
UIUC Airfoil Data Site
Sponsored by the Dept. of Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this is a collection of over 1550 airfoil coordinates. The site also has links to additional airfoil Web pages.


The home page of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics provides information about publications, standards, conferences, membership, technical activities and employment services. AIAA Meeting Papers back to 1963 may be searched by clicking on "Publications & Papers" across the top of the screen. Under "Search the AIAA Electronic Library," click on "advanced search." You can choose to limit your search to certain types of publications (meeting papers, standards, etc.) or search select journal titles. If you are an affiliate of ERAU, you may also access fulltext AIAA Papers (1963 to current) as well as fulltext AIAA Journals through the Library's "Databases & Periodical Indexes," available through ERNIE.
The official homepage of the American Society of Civil Engineers offers membership information, conference details, publications, etc.
The site for the American Society for Testing and Materials lists standards, technical publications and other items of interest to members.
National Society of Professional Engineers
This official homepage covers membership, licensure and educational issues. Provides job boards, salary information and online resumes in the employment section, and links to selected articles from PE Magazine.
Royal Aeronautical Society
Provides history, industry news, membership information, conference listings and publication descriptions.
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
This site has membership, training and events information. Search Aerospace Standards and browse papers by broad topic area. Many SAE papers are available in the Hunt Library's Documents collection; Aerospace Standards are available within the library on CD-ROM.
Homepage of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers whose focus is mass properties engineering.
Society of Women Engineers
Official homepage of SWE, providing membership and conference information, career assistance and scholarship news.


Online Ethics Center
Sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering, this site aims to assist engineers and students with ethical questions which arise in the course of their work through case studies, essays and articles. Includes sections dealing with employment, legal issues, responsible research and computers/technology.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Global Positioning System Overview
Written by Peter Dana at the University of Texas at Austin and updated in August 1999. This is a thorough overview of all the parts that make up the GPS system including the satellites, the tracking stations and the receivers.
Global Positioning System: Assessing National Policies
The pdf version of a RAND policy study which details the commercial and military uses of GPS and its impact on U.S. policy.
GPS Basics [Satellite Navigation Product Teams]
Detailed explanation of how GPS works, its history, its various applications and GPS policy.
GPS Primer
From the Aerospace Corporation, involved in building and maintaining the GPS system, this is an introduction to the global positioning system. Click on chapter titles from the menu on the left, or download the pdf version.


Aerodynamics for Students
An electronic textbook from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia.
Center for Aviation Systems Reliability
The CASR provides inspection tools and training materials to the commercial aviation industry. Descriptions of various inspection methods may be found at their website.
Civil Jet Aircraft Design
Useful in project design studies, this website is intended to be used in conjunction with the book of the same name. Click on 'Data Sets' on the left to access Aircraft (specification, mass, geometric and performance data), Engine (takeoff, climb, cruise, dimensions, layout), Airport, Atmosphere/Airspeeds and Units/Conversions data files.
How Stuff Works
Search by keyword or select a subject category to browse.
Useful for both students and professionals in civil engineering, this site provides both links and documents relating to architectural engineering, construction, earthquake engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, structural engineering, and surveying. The Transportation Engineering category has an excellent section on airport engineering.
NASA Technical Report Writing
From the Glenn Research Center, a document which explains the basics of writing 'reports that are both technically correct and easy to read.'
Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students
Samples and guidelines for laboratory reports, progress reports, proposals and other kinds of technical documents.

NASA Resources

Find it @ NASA
One place to search all of the NASA Web servers at all of the research facilities.
NASA Documents Online
A title listing of many fulltext NASA documents.
NASA Glenn Research Center Technical Reports
Over 3361 NASA technical report abstracts and over 3042 fulltext documents online.
NASA Headquarters
This site includes information about NASA's budget as well as NASA's research projects.
NASA Home Page
This site includes information about NASA's organization, including links to all of the NASA Centers, NASA's mission, frequently asked questions, and more.
NASA Technical Report Server
The NTRS database allows searching of various servers such as CASI TRS, which are maintained by numerous NASA research centers. These servers index a large number of technical reports and conference papers from NACA (predecessor to NASA, 1915-1958), the NASA collection (1958 to the present) and the NIX collection (images, photos, movies). Many documents appear in fulltext format.
Online Cost Models
The Cost Estimating Group at the Johnson Space Center has mounted on the Web a number of tools to estimate the costs of development and production for new projects, including cost models for aircraft turbine engines, airframes, and advanced missions (spacecraft). All of these cost models are written in JavaScript. The Group has also included glossaries of terms and abbreviations on these pages to assist you in using these models.
Spinoff is a publication of NASA's Technology Transfer Office. It chronicles the secondary use of NASA technology in areas such as medicine, environment, recreation, consumer goods, and computer technology. This site provides full-text issues from 1976 to the present in pdf format and a searchable database of spinoff products. The Library has Spinoff in our collection (TL787.N3 S63) from 1976 through the present.

Wind Tunnels

Wind Tunnel Connection
The stated goal of this site is 'to list every [wind tunnel] site in the world.' Provides links to sub-, tran-, super-, and hypersonic wind tunnel research.
Wind Tunnel Enterprise
A list of wind tunnels at NASA's Langley Research Center which provide 'ground test requirements for both atmospheric and planetary flight vehicles...The focus of the experimental facilities within the Wind Tunnel Enterprise (WTE) is to provide low cost research capabilities for developing an understanding of flow phenomena.'
Wind Tunnels (NASA Ames Research Center)
Designed for potential wind tunnel customers, this site describes the Ames Research Center and provides information regarding available wind tunnels and test planning procedure.
Wind Tunnels of NASA
Online version of the book by the same name. The print copy may be found at Hunt Library with call number TL 567 .W5 B2.


Engineering Resources

AIAA Citation Database
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) site provides a database indexing AIAA Meeting papers back to 1963 as well as selected AIAA journals. If you are an affiliate of ERAU, you may access fulltext AIAA Papers (1963 to current) as well as fulltext AIAA Journals throught the Library's 'Databases & Periodical Indexes,' available through ERNIE. Alternatively, the Hunt Library provides most AIAA papers from 1982 to date in microfiche format and has print subcriptions to many AIAA journals.
ASCE's Civil Engineering Database
This resource from the American Society of Civil Engineers indexes all publications (journals, conference proceedings, books, etc.) from 1970 to present. Use an asterisk (*) as a truncation symbol and enclose boolean operators (and, or, not) within quotes ('AND') when searching. Search results typically include full citation and abstract. Fulltext ASCE journals from 1995 to present are available online to ERAU Daytona Beach campus affiliates via the Library's 'Databases & Periodical Indexes,' accessible through ERNIE.
ASSIST Quick Search
Almost 104,000 Department of Defense standards and specifications, also known as 'mil specs,' are available here in full text. Search by word in the title, by document ID, by document number or by FSC (Federal Supply Class). The documents are available in .pdf format.
DTIC ONLINE: Public Technical Reports
Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center , DTIC Online searches publicly accessible information sources and includes report citations and many full-text technical reports.
Find it @ NASA
One place to search all of the NASA Web servers at all of the research facilities.
Intute: E-journals search engine
Search the content of over 350 freely available full-text science, engineering and technology ejournals.
Intute: Science, Engineering and Technology Database
An interdisciplinary database that includes the best Internet resources for teaching, learning and research, covering the physical sciences, engineering, computing, geography, mathematics and environmental science.
Online Materials Information Resource This site is provided by Automatic Creations, Inc., and gives access to the composition and properties of almost 20,000 engineering materials. These materials can be searched for by property, category, property group, or name (i.e., 4130 steel).
NASA Technical Report Server
The NTRS database allows searching of various servers such as CASI TRS, which are maintained by numerous NASA research centers. These servers index a large number of technical reports and conference papers from NACA (predecessor to NASA, 1915-1958), the NASA collection (1958 to the present) and the NIX collection (images, photos, movies). Many documents appear in fulltext format.

General Interest Resources

BNET Research Center
Locate millions of fulltext articles from thousands of magazines and journals.
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Updated daily, a searchable collection of Web links on every topic.
Simultaneously search over 21 leading science and technology societies, including IEEE, AIAA, SAE, AIP, ASCE, and ASME for article citations and abstracts. Patent information and government documents are also searchable.
Statistical Resources on the Web
A ton of statistical sources for topics including transportation, politics, weather and much, much more.

Medical Resources

FAA Aviation Medicine Reports
Published by the FAA, the FAA AM index provides access to Aviation Medicine reports by subject, author and chronologically. Most reports are also fulltext at this site. You may also access the entire collection in fulltext format at the Hunt Library website at http://amelia.db.erau.edu; just click on 'Online Full-Text Resources,' then 'FAA Aviation Medicine Reports.'
PubMed is the publicly accessible version of MEDLINE developed by the National Library of Medicine. It contains citations from over 3,900 international biomedical journals, some of which are owned by the Hunt Library including Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. Journal coverage is provided from 1966 through the present. In most cases, an abstract is included with the citation. PubMed Central, a subset of PubMed, contains fulltext documents, many of which pertain to aviation/aerospace medicine.

Military Resources

AULIMP is the Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals from 1990 through the present. This index is searchable by journal title, author, subject heading, or keyword. A simple search (the default choice) is restricted to a single field. An advanced search will allow you to search different fields. The result list shows the article titles, you can click on the 'Full Citation' to see more complete information.
All the results found by this search engine are pages which have the .mil extension to their Web address or URL.
US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
Established in 1962, the AARL provides aviation medical research support to Army aviation activities. Click on "Technical Reports" for a dropdown menu, then select "Search for Tech Reports." Most accurate searching is by Report Number; many documents are full text.

Transportation Resources

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Publications Index
This index contains over 30,000 annotated citations from the 1920's to the present. It includes individual papers from the Transportation Research Records, conference proceedings, circulars, and TR News. The Hunt Library owns many of the Research Records and also has a subscription to the periodical, TR News.
The Transportation Article File from Northwestern University. It indexes a large number of journal articles some of which can be found in the Hunt Library. Searching should look familiar to ERAU students because Northwestern is using the same software as the Hunt Library's online catalog, Voyager.
TRIS online
The Transportation Research Information Services from the Transportation Research Board. An index of over 450,000 items including books, journal articles and research reports from the 1960's to the present. After identifying a useful source, ERAU students are welcome to speak with a Reference Librarian to determine if the item is in the Hunt Memorial Library.


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