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Flight Attendant & Cabin Crew Websites

  • Aircrew Buzz  An aviation news blog, featuring crew-centered news and commentary about current events and issues of interest to the aviation community.
  • Aircrew Health  Health and safety information, health news, education, research, and many other topics.  This site focuses on the needs and interests of the aviation community, and especially those who fly for a living.
  • AirlineCareer.com  An on-line informational resource for individuals seeking a flight attendant career with a major US airline. Over 150 pages of info: minimum qualifications, pay scales, domiciles, airline fleets, resume templates.
  • Airline Career Prep  This service helps aspiring flight attendants achieve their dream.  They specialize in flight attendant interview training along with quality flight attendant resumes and cover letters.
  • AirlineCrew.Net  The airline crew bulletin board.  Very active site.
  • Airline CrewLinks  Aviation links for airline pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, and all other airline employees.  Includes quick links to national weather service aviation / NOAA weather, forecast turbulence, flight tracker, major airlines sites, aerial photos, aviation art, all airline stock quotes & aviation news, plus search for last minute cheap flights and money saving nonrev travel deals on hotels, cruises, and car rentals.  Find direct links to FAA regulations and forms, airline pilots association, airline pilot supplies, airplanes for sale, satellite photos, aircraft pictures, military jet aircraft photos.
  • Airline Inflight Resources  A company dedicated to assisting prospective flight attendants in obtaining the edge in the competitive interview process.  Learn how to make an airline-specific cover letter and resume, how to dress for the interview, communication skills, sample questions and more.  Also, prepare for training by learning the FAA rules and other important safety information.
  • AirlineStaff.com  A Website launched primarily for airline employees with airline vacancies, employment information, airline addresses, book club, chat room.
  • Allied Airline Services  Preparation program for airline employment: flight attendants, ground crew and baggage handlers, ticketing and sales agents.
  • Always Looking Above  In November 2009, a self-proclaimed "Archaeology Lifer" got hired as a flight attendant, and it changed her life.  Now, Flygirl is working on her Private Pilot's License, while still operating as an FA.
  • Another Flight Attendant Writing  This FA for a major U.S. carrier blogs about life as a flight attendant.
  • Another Passport Stamp  This blog is by an American living in London working as a flight attendant, and journals her personal travels and layovers in the quest for yet another passport stamp.
  • Association of Flight Attendants, AFL-CIO  A labor union organized by flight attendants for flight attendants to negotiate better pay, benefits, working conditions, and work rules.
  • Aviation Hotties  Flight attendants, dispatchers, ramp attendants, and pilots that look great.
  • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!  With this podcast, you can travel the world with flight attendant Betty.
  • Cabincrew.com  A portal dedicated entirely to experienced and wannabe flight attendants and cabin crew.  Featuring the latest airline news, forum, gossip, free email, jobs, training, and much more.
  • cabincrewdirect.com  Dedicated to providing wannabe cabin crew and flight attendants with the knowledge required before commencing upon a career in the aviation industry.
  • Cabin Crew Fitness  A personal trainer who teaches cabin crew / flight attendants how to stay in shape, lose weight, and boost energy levels while working in the hectic airline industry.
  • Cabin Crew News  News for and about flight attendants from around the world, including cabin crew contract and labor issues, reports about cabin safety issues, tips on finding cabin crew jobs, and stories about individual flight attendants.
  • Cabin Crew Pix  Designed by crew for crew to keep in touch and share photos from trips.  You can log your travels and see where your friends are, and make new friends with other crew.  Search photos by airline, destination, or flight number.
  • CabinManagers.Com  A message board community for business flight attendants.
  • Continental Airs  This blog is a Continental Airlines employee's view of his company.
  • Contract Flight Attendants  A resource website for corporate flight attendants who are seeking information, training services offered by companies like Flight Safety, and updated news and articles related to the private jet charter world.  You can also list your services.
  • Corporate F/A Dispatch  This blog offers "News, Views, Stuff for Private Jet Flight Attendants."
  • The Corporate Flight Attendant Community  Provides job information, tips, and leads as well industry related articles, message boards, and a chat room.  A resource center for corporate flight attendants, for those who aspire to become one, and their supporters.
  • CrewCom  For airline crews (and friends) with links, forums, news.
  • Crewconnected.com  An online service for pilots/captains, cabin crew, crew and ex-crew for the cruise liner and airline industries.  Keep in touch with crew friends, find the best places to stay, holiday deals and cheap hotels, search job vacancies, submit your CV to be notified of the latest jobs, browse the on-line shop and art gallery, add your comments to the chat forum.
  • The Crew Lounge  A weekly podcast for flight attendants and crew.
  • Crewmember Layover Hotspots  A Blog where crewmembers can write about their favorite layover spots: good bars, hotel lounges, and points of interests around the country where corporate, airline, and fractional crewmembers frequent.
  • Crew Notes  Note cards, note paper (with personalization) and passenger count forms for flight attendants and pilots.
  • CrewStart.com  Web portal with a focus on airline crews.
  • Crewtag  A funny website that plays on airline themes.  Over 500 copyrighted designs and about 20 designs on the site every couple of months.  They sell some great novelty gifts too.
  • Crewise  A directory of crew recommended businesses: world guide with discounts and city links, hotel guide, more.
  • Cruising Altitude: Diary of a Flight Attendant  This book explains what it is like to be a flight attendant in a unique and fun way.  Lively stories through the eyes of a real flight attendant.
  • Diary of a (Fired) Flight Attendant  "The Queen of Sky is a 6-foot-tall, 29-plus-one-year-old former flight attendant for Anonymous International Airlines (aka Delta Air Lines), living in Quirksville (aka Austin), Texas.  She was fired from her job on Nov. 1, 2004 for posting 'inappropriate' pictures in uniform on her blog."
  • egonest  A site for Continental Flight Attendants to socialize, network, share photos and videos, ask/answer questions, promote their hobbies and businesses, chat, view and post items for sale, and promote their businesses.
  • EZPERDIEM.COM  An automatic online per diem calculator for pilots and flight attendants everywhere.  Their goal is to help flight crews with a simple, low cost way to get their per diem deduction.
  • flightattendantcareer.com  The 165 page flight attendant career guide, "The Essential Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant" written by American Airlines flight attendant Kiki Ward will steer you through the process of becoming a professional flight attendant - from the application process, to the interview, to training. An indepth look at the career itself is also included.  Specific airline interview overviews are available.  The Website maintains up to the minute hiring information direct from the airlines.
  • Flight Attendant Facts  Learn about life as a flight attendant working in today's airline industry, straight from flight attendants.  The best and worst about the industry, becoming a flight attendant, training and career info, salary and benefits, working with pilots.
  • Flight attendant Lidian`s Website  About life and work at Albanian Airlines, including pictures of the crew and fleet.
  • The Flight Attendant Shop  This online discount retailer offers flight crew merchandise specifically for flight attendants.  Get luggage, ID tags, gifts, travel accessories, manual covers, and more.  The site also has a forum.
  • Flight Attendants Asia.com  A social network site where flight attendants from the Asia/Pacific region can meet, chat, form groups, and share photos and stuff with friends.
  • FlightAttendants.Org  An international Website for flight attendants, retirees, and those interested in becomming flight attendants.
  • The Flight Attendants Complete Tax Guide  A 30 page ebook laying out all the lucrative tax strategies for the flight attendant.
  • Flightcrew ZOO.com  Flight attendant cartoons, airline cartoons, and pilot cartoons, all based on situations encountered in Chris Manno's 22+ years as a flightcrew member.
  • Flightstory.net - The International Aviation Story Database  Pilots, flight attendants, crew members, ground staff, technical staff, ATC radio listeners, frequent flyers, or any flyer can post interesting aviation stories and ATC logs in this large aviation story database.  It's free and no registration is required.
  • Flugbegleiter.net  This airline crew community offers all kind of information for flight crew, cabin crew, and flight attendants, as well as frequent travelers and aviation buffs.  In German.
  • Flycity - Your Source Of Information  A German flight attendant site with pics, forum, chat (english speakers welcome), links.  At the Flycity Online Store, you can purchase flycity apparel and merchandise: shirts, mugs, stickers, mouse pads, and more.
  • Flying For a Living  A blog about people who work in the civilian air transport industry.  By a research psychologist whose work has focused exclusively on the health and well-being of people who fly for a living.
  • The Flying Pinto... A Flight Attendant Blog  This flight attendant for a major U.S. Airline provides tips and helpful information for flyers, travelers, and other flight attendants.
  • GalleyFM.com  This site has a variety of resources for cabin crew: news, special exclusive offers, cabin crew jobs, fun competitions, a crew forum, flight info/curency conversion/world times.
  • German Flight Attendant Homepage  Lots of information on how to become a flight attendant.  With a very active forum and chat.
  • Gofir.com  (Global Operators Flight Information Resource)  This site assists international flight crews (professional corporate pilots and flight attendants) in obtaining information for the purpose of planning an international flight.  Contains more the 2500 pages with information about over 200 cities in 60 countries.
  • GOFIR Aviation Resumes  Aviation resume database of corporate pilots, flight attendants, and others seeking full time or temporary aviation employment.
  • Hummingbird  A blog by an environmentally-obsessed British cabin crew member (Charlie Moores) and his partner/girlfriend.  The blog's aim is to look for/share/promote ways to make travelling for a job more "green."
  • Inflight Crew Connections  Contract flight attendent services for corporate aviation.
  • Inflight Innovations Internet Instruction... 4 I's  An online initial training program that can be accessed by Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant trainees at home using a personal computer and an Internet connection.
  • Inflight Safety Page  A former flight attendant describes how to increase your awareness of inflight safety whenever you're on an aircraft.  Introduction, pre-flight, fire/smoke, decompression, brace position, ditching, examples of incidents.
  • It Takes a Crew  A TWA flight attendant shares views and opinions about the career, and offers others the opportunity to ask questions about becoming a flight attendant.
  • The Journal of a....Flight Attendant  Follow along on the path to becomming a new flight attendant with this engaging blog.
  • Layover Advisor  An online forum for posting layover ideas (restaurants, gyms, duty free, etc.), crash pads, swapping and trading, buddy passes, tickets, gear.
  • Living the Dream  Julie dreams of working for an airline, and takes a persistent approach to achieving that goal.
  • Martha Stewardess - Living at 34,000 Feet  Lots of interesting airline news and goings on.  Martha is a "well seasoned Flight Attendant for a major US airline" who "works tirelessly maintaining a safe, stable, and secure environment while hosting hundreds of somewhat unstable, often insecure, and not-always-friendly passengers stuffed inside a metal tube hurling through space at over 500 mph."
  • My Vector  With this online locator map, you can share your itinerary and contact details, find buddies around the world, and store your travel history.  Ideal for frequent travelers like pilots, cabin crew, etc. to share itinerys.  It tells you if your buddies are in the same location, and it's free.
  • My View from 30,000 Feet  This Flight Attendant loves traveling, sailing, flying, cooking, Jimmy Buffet, diving, canernets, 70's music, her cats, and blogging.
  • My view from UP here...  The adventures of a flight attendant who is grounded for two years while on military leave.  Documented with lots of photographs.
  • New Flight Crew  This site provides information about flight attendant jobs and flight attendant interviews.  You'll find flight attendant articles, a forum, airline interview tips.
  • NonRev Exchange  A resource site where airline employees can exchange travel tips and airline discount information, and participate in airline specific forums.
  • PamAnn.com  A series of video parodies about flying and flight crews by a UK comedian who has been a Flight Attendant for 40 years.  She actually did some TV ads for British Air and says, "I often feel as if I am transporting the entire Jerry Springer audience from A to B."
  • PassTrades  A one stop shop for all airline employees who wish to list or trade airline passes, hotel stays, crew crash pads, or just share travel tips.  Don't let that airline pass go unused, list it online.
  • Perfect Girl, a Novel in Progress  This blog deals with a novel in the form of the memoir of a transgender woman, Sarah Radcliffe, who works as an airline flight attendant.  The author states, "My goal is to capture the world, from the coworkers and the passengers to the destinations, through a transgender perspective, while revealing key events in the past, and the people, that have molded Sarah into who she is today."  The blog also deals with transgender issues and information.
  • Pick Up My Trip  Not all airlines allow crewmember-to-crewmember schedule changes where one crewmember offers some "incentive" to another.  This website offers "a high degree of safety and anonymity to trip listing crewmembers, whether you are offering incentives or not." They say your identity is safe from any person or carrier you do not wish to share it with.
  • Pro-Diem, Inc.  A pilot and flight attendant per diem calculation service.  When your allowable meal and incidental expenses are greater than the per diem you were paid, this service will help you save money on your taxes by claiming the correct expense amount.  Also, other resources for crew members including a free expense tracker.
  • Qantas Cabin Crew UK Home Page  Flight Attendant job opportunities (open access) and a site for current Qantas cabin crew (restricted access).
  • The Queen of Screen Blog  About the writing of the screenplay based on her book, Diary of a Dysfunctional Flight Attendant: The Queen of Sky Blog, which is in turn based on her career-ending blog.
  • Roadkill: Eating Across--and Above--America  Aircrew food finds, from the RDU to PDX airports--and more!  Pictures and videos.
  • Skychick  Aviation humor and informative articles dealing with family and flying, training, and getting hired - from a flight attendant's point of view.  Chat, boards and mail.
  • Sky High Careers  Flight attendant job interview training: how to interview successfully, what to expect, and what qualities/qualifications airlines look for.  They offer group seminar training which parallels an actual airline interview, and online training that covers the interview process, including the background airlines already want you to have.
  • Sky-Highs  Beautiful long lasting compression hosiery designed for flight attendants and pilots.  Flight socks, hosiery, and tights.  Therapy for your legs.
  • Soapopular  Just about every flight attendant is using a hand sanitizer of one kind or another.  Here's an alcohol-free, fragrance free product that's been endorsed by leading healthcare industry executives.  Order from Amazon.com.
  • Tiger Lounge  For airline employees, past and present, from around the world: flight attendants, pilots, engineers, flight engineers, mechanics, reservations, office workers, in fact all airline workers are welcome.  Forums, chat rooms, instant messaging, airline uniform photos, and much more.
  • Travel Adventures  (Around the World in 80 Clicks)  This purser with a major European airline records his trips with pictures and stories.  Over 110 countries are represented with more than 6,000 pictures, and all can be traced on Google Earth.  Take a look if you're an active cabin crew member wondering what to do somewhere.
  • Trust Me, I'm a Flight Attendant  "One stewardess, many observations." Entertaining stories, commentary, opinions, and valuable traveler tips from an airline flight attandant.
  • TucTuk for Airline Employees  This site allows airline staff to see which of their contacts will be at their destination as well as back home when they are not traveling.  The company tag line is "The World around your schedule."  It also has a city guide that pilots and flight attendants can use anywhere they are.
  • UpUpAndAGay.com  Learn what life is like for this flight attendant who blogs about his daily experiences.
  • WikiAir.com  The airline crew encyclopedia that anyone can edit.  The goal is to create an editable and free source of information for flight crews and business travelers worldwide.  This web site can be a great resource where everyone can share their individual lists of things to see and do on the road.
  • Women In Suits  For all lovers of air stewardesses and women in suits.  (This site seems to be on the up-and-up, and I don't think it's sexist, but you decide.)
  • You F'Coffee Sir?!!!  This "laugh out loud" pro-cabin crew book has been written by two stewardesses (Liz and Julie) that have chosen to remain incognito to protect their jobs.  They've got a blog and you can find them on MySpace.

Crash Pads for Crew

  • AirlineCommuter.com  A site where airline attendants and pilots can find roommates, crashpads, hotel sharing, carpools, jetway trades, non-rev passes, and a discussion forum.  Registration required.
  • AirlineFriends.com  A site where present and former airline employees can network and connect.  Search for upcoming events, reunions, crash pads, and make new friends.  Connect with your airline friends wherever you are in the world.
  • AviaTech Concepts  Two airplane pilots with an aviation household in the Los Angeles, California (North Hollywood) area, that is themed for instruction and research, as well as accommodating to pilots and crew in airline and training programs.  Renters in need of housing while flight-training (private through ATP+) or working in aviation can find either long-term or short-term (crashpad-style) accomodation.
  • Crashifieds | Crashpad Listings  An online database of crashpads where members can upload, search, and view crashpads around the United States.
  • Crashpads.aero  Find and list crashpads completely free.
  • Crashpads.com  This database makes life easier for flight crews wishing to find a crash pad.
  • CrewCommute  A crash pad site.  Pilots, flight attendants and other flight crews can search for free, or list for a nominal fee.  Add pictures to your listing, email listings to a friend, and keep a wait list for your place.
  • ExtendedStay America  ExtendedStay America Phoenix Airport East Oak Street is offering a crash pad.  Each unit has 5 queen beds with satellite television (premium channels), an equipped kitchen (full size refrigerator, two burner stove top, microwave and coffee maker).  They also have an out door pool, fitness center, shuttle service, high speed wireless access, on-site laundry, and free local calls.
  • Miami Airport Hotels  Offering discount hotel rates in near the Miami Airport.

Airline Crew Businesses

  • CouponCowgirl.com  This social shopping and coupon website is owned and operated by an a airline flight attendant, and is designed to easily find the best coupon codes and discounts online.  The Travel & Luggage Coupon page will be of interest to frequent travelers.  CouponCowgirl's blog, CCG ShopTalk, provides information about popular products, celebrity favorites and trends, and product and gift recommendations.
  • The Crew Lines  This is an advertising website to promote private businesses owned or operated by current, past, and retired airline employees.
  • Jet Line  This airline flight attendant offers "a sexy, classy clothing line for flight attendants."  She's got tank tops, long sleeves, and shorts that you can purchase online.  She says her "clothing line expresses how we feel about our life and what we love to do."
  • Luggage Handle Wraps  Unique embroidered luggage handle wraps with many different phrases and designs to choose from.  Find your bags quickly in the overhead bin or on the carousel, or just enjoy a fun way to express yourself with many different styles.  Personalized orders are welcome.  This business (Bin Hog Designs) is owned and operated by a SWA Flight Attendant.
  • Planewear  The hub for Planewear Apparel designed with an aviation theme, Jumpseat Bags with vintage aircraft textiles, SkyBelts original airplane buckle belts made with authentic airplane buckles in 22 interchangeable colors, and Jetbelts that can be branded with your company logo.  All by a former UAL flight attendant with a strong aviation bloodline: her father is a retired UAL Captain, one brother is a UAL pilot, and the other is a FedEx pilot.
  • Sassy Wings Boutique  This flight attendant for a regional started this boutique to sell flight attendant shirts, travel accessories, jewelry and shirts.
  • Trolly Dolly  T-shirts, bags and accessories, greeting cards, stationary, books, and other gifts from a former flight attendant.  Fresh fashions and accessories with flirtacious designs for those with a love of flying and the airline industry.

Crew Dating

  • AirlineDateMate  A dating site designed specifically for people in the airline industry.
  • Army Dating  For military friends and singles from the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and the volunteer reserve forces.  Email, chat, message board, and more.
  • Cabin Crew Dating  Dating site for pilots, navigators, engineers, ground crew, and cabin crew.  Meet, chat in the live chat room, and date.
  • CrewDating.com  Offers an online dating service for air crew, cabin crew, ATC, pilots, and others in aviation.  Searchable profiles, chatrooms, picture galleries, videouploads, audiofiles, instant messenger, blogs, events, and lots more.
  • LoveAt350.com  An aviation singles connection: dating for singles, flight-crew, pilots, flight attendants, cabin crew and all others in aviation.
  • Military Dating.co.uk  Military or civilian singles looking for military dating online can find a match with any of the thousands of military and civilian singles who have registered.
  • Uniform Dating  Bringing together those in the armed forces, police, law enforcement, health, medical, ambulance, prison, corrections, pilots, aircrew, and fire fighters, for friendship, love and romance.  Country-specific pages.
  • Uniform Dating for Forces and Army Personnel  Singles can search others or set up a free Personal advert.
  • Uniform Dating Site  Find emergency and military singles seeking love, real romance and lasting relationships.


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