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Youth in Aviation Websites

These Websites are devoted to youth in aviation.  As always, parents should guard their children's access to the Internet, and verify the suitability of the content they view.

  • A New Age in Space: The Vision for Space Exploration coloring book  This coloring book is available online and is full of space imagery that tells the story of the Vision for Space Exploration.  Produced by The Coalition for Space Exploration.
  • Aerospace Education Foundation  The AEF vision is to educate America's youth in math and the sciences to help keep America's edge in aerospace technology.  An Air Force Association educational affiliate.
  • The Air Cadet Organization  The ACO is a national youth organization sponsored by the Royal Air Force in the UK. Membership is open to young people aged between 13 and 22 years.  Air Cadets enjoy flying, gliding, going on camps, taking part in all kinds of action, adventure and sports.
  • The Air League  Promotes air-mindedness in the young by encouraging and assisting them to follow careers in aviation and the aerospace industry, awards flying scholarships and bursaries to assist deserving young people to learn to fly, and awards engineering scholarships to assist deserving young people to gain experience of the aerospace industry.
  • Air Time Canada Youth Aviation  A free program that introduces young people to aviation.  Kids go through a mini-ground-school to earn a "Co-Pilot" license and then put their new skills to use in a series of actual flights.
  • The Airport Shoppe  This on-line pilot shop has a kids section with bomber jackets, pedal planes, kids books, and plush animals.
  • Ananda Aeronautical Academy  The mission of A.A.A. is to produce quality aeronautical engineers and experts by providing opportunities for school children of all ages.  They hope to facilitate children, not only in Ananda College, but also in other schools, with opportunities to learn and get the expertise in this field.  Located in Ananda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Arrow Alliance Scholarship Program  Targeted at young people graduating from Canadian high schools.
  • Artie the Airplane  Children's book and video series with colorful illustrations, engaging characters and dialogue, and fun story lines.
  • Australian Air Force Cadets  Run by the Australian Air Force for boys and girls aged between 12.5 and 18, who can then stay on as a cadet until age 20.  Learn about aircraft and flying.  Many air cadets go on to join the Air Force or find a career in civilian aviation.
  • Australian Air League  A national youth organisation for boys and girls aged 8 years and older.  It's aim is to foster and develop a spirit of aviation in the youth of Australia, to promote good citizenship, teamwork and to develop the ingenuity and resourcefulness of it's members.
  • Australian Air League Hervey Bay  An Australia-wide uniformed youth organisation for young people from 8 years of age.  It is independent and self-funding, relying on membership fees and voluntary assistance, and is not sponsored by any organisation.  The League aims to open Squadrons and to set up Training Programmes, to foster a spirit of air-mindedness in Australia's youth.  The League also intends to provide instruction in the history, spirit, traditions and science of aviation, and training for members in flying and other aviation activities.
  • Aviation Explorer Base  Provides an opportunity for Explorer Post members from all over the U.S. to gather together to learn about aviation first hand.  Held each year during the Oshkosh WI Airventure Convention.
  • Aviation Explorers Post 445  Official website for Aviation Explorers Post 445.  An aviation club in Fullerton California for young adults ages 14-20.
  • Aviation Exploring  An aviation-based program for young men and women ages 14 through 20 that is a division of the Boy Scouts of America and seeks to build character, train leaders, and encourage fitness.
  • Aviation Headset Toy  Kids will love to pretend flying their own imaginary plane with their headset that was made to look just like the real thing.  All components are made from rugged non-toxic rubber.  The mic boom is reinforced with heavyweight wire for easy positioning.  Real foam ear seals.
  • Aviation for Little Folks  Teach students the parts of an airplane and how to fold a paper airplane with this NASA Educational On-line Activity from NASA Spacelink.  Designed for grades K-4.
  • Aviation Multimedia Archive  An aviation-devoted child web site of the Hervey Bay Squadrons of the Australian Air League.  The multimedia and information collection features articles, images, animations, video and motion, sounds and further references.
  • Aviation Scholarship Foundation  An aviation charity dedicated to students from impoverished communities with a mission to fund private pilot training for low income youth.
  • AvKids  A program designed to educate elementary school students about the benefits of business aviation to the community and the career opportunities available to them in the business aviation industry.  Games, activity guide and teacher's resources, kid's art gallery, kid's hangar.
  • Baby Nebula  The "Little Pilot Logbook" is a keepsake journal for childhood discoveries and adventures.  The perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast.  Imagine a logbook that details your child's high-flying adventures, even before their feet can touch the pedals!
  • Balloon Explorium  Dedicated to school programs utilizing ballooning to illustrate the concepts of physics, math, geography, and weather.
  • Boeing Kids Page  Coloring, mazes, word games, cutouts, connect the dots.
  • Brigade Air, Inc.  This independent, non-profit organization introduces teens to missionary aviation worldwide, through week-long summer aviation camps, and a year-round club progam.  Not affiliated with any church or denominational organization.
  • Chamberlain Aviation - Youth Pilot Training Program  Twelve training workbooks follow a logical progression of training for the young aviator to coincide with flight lessons.
  • Civil Air Patrol  The all civilian, all volunteer official auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  Nearly half of the members are teenage girls and boys between the ages of 12-21.
  • EAA Air Academy  An aviation camp with workshops, aircraft collections, flight simulators, restorations-in-progress, and actual flight experiences.
  • EAA Aviation Young Eagles Web Site Exensive programs for young aviators.
  • Easy Paper Airplanes  Learn how to make 10 simple-to-make paper airplanes that really do fly. Hours of fun for you and your child, or just for you!
  • FAA Aviation Education - Kids Corner  Activities such as coloring books, word puzzles, and experiments.
  • Faulkes Flying Foundation  Through the sport of gliding, this charity organization helps young people develop imagination, character and self determination with the excitement and possibilities of flight as a lifelong adventure and a fulfilling career prospect.
  • Fiddler's Green  Downloadable paper models (.pdf) of airplanes.
  • Flight Training Adventure Camps - Youth  The Reality Flight School offers various programs for youths from a stationary appetiser program with flight training up to first solo to a complete private pilot training program in the course of a 3000+ mile real life training expedition with tents and sleeping bags, a moving class room and, of course, airplanes.
  • flightoffancy.tk  This website is done by a 14 year old (in 2004) aviation enthusiast with a dream to travel throughout the world.
  • Flights of Inspiration  Created by The Franklin Institute Science Museum and the Science Museum, London to inspire students.
  • Flying: Just Plane Fun  A children's book on flying (by Julie Grist, ISBN 0-9725750-0-6) that shares both technical information and the joy of flying with young readers age 5-12.  Pilots and aviation buffs are buying it to share with their kids and grandchildren to get them interested in flight.
  • Flying Tree House  An aviation site for kids of all ages with games, mazes, word search, crossword puzzles, coloring pages and more!
  • Future Flyers Club  Aviation related toys, gifts, collectibles and apparel for children.
  • GEEZER and the KID: Adventures in Flight  The 3rd book by Ron Irwin is a vibrant action adventure tale of a trip by Ron and his 11 year old daughter across the sizzling Mojave Desert and the hostile terrain of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico in their single Cessna Cardinal.  Irwin is an author, pilot, and photographer who writes about his passion for aviation and creates aviation themed images and paraphernalia.
  • Generate LIFT, Inc.  A non profit organization to LIFT (Lead. Inspire. Fund. Train.) youth to accomplish their academic and personal aspirations by joining together aviation enthusiasts for mentorship and community outreach.
  • Ghost Wings  An aviation magazine produced by high school students and dedicated to honoring military aviators and support personnel.
  • The Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets  A uniformed youth organisation for girls aged 11-20, aiming to meet the aspirations of young women by providing an aviation, adventure and travel-based programme of activity.
  • Girls With Wings  A movement to encourage more young girls to consider their future in aviation.  GWW includes current women in aviation fields, and the future ones.  The site includes a messsage board, news, fun pages, and pictures.
  • Great Western Soaring School  A week of sailplane instruction and flying for students age 14 to 18.
  • High Flight Adventures Youth Camp  Helping youth reach within themselves to achieve their dreams through the passion of aviation.  This not-for-profit enterprise is said to be the first aviation youth camp in Canada.  Week long residential camps are offered at the Gatineau Executive Airport in Ottawa: Junior Camp for ages 12 - 13, Basic Youth Camp for ages 14 - 15, and Advanced Camp for ages 16 - 18.
  • Home Based Arts  Inexpensive history learning activity books for children, including The History of Hot Air Balloons, Adventures In Flight, and The Tuskegee Airmen.
  • Jay Jay The Jet Plane  This children's program follows the exciting adventures of a perky and curious six-year-old jet plane, Jay Jay, and his airplane friends.  They live and play at Tarrytown Airport.  Each episode includes valuable life lessons for young children and airs on PBS Kids and on PBS Kids Sprout in the United States.  Jay Jay also airs on other leading networks worldwide.
  • Jet With Kids  It's a book, a website, and a blog.  Family Flight Expert Anya Clowers, RN offers practical advice, timely tips, and travel product reviews for those traveling with young children.  Her book and website contain solid advice from over 21 travel experts - pilots, flight attendants, travel agents, gate agents, pediatricians, frequent fliers, and more.  Her blog is filled with photos, videos, and honest editorial reviews of products designed for families traveling with kids.
  • Junior Pilot  Pilot uniforms for kids who love flying.
  • Junior Pilot Adventures  A children's aviation book about two little pilots from South Africa who fly off on an exciting journey to fetch their friends from another city.  Along the way, they experience a number of situations which test their flying skills.  The story aims to educate little readers about some aspects of aviation with a safety theme throughout.
  • K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook  Hosted by AvKids.com, this is an Internet-based multimedia student workbook and teachers' guide created by Cislunar Aerospace, Inc. with support from NASA's Learning Technologies Project.  A complete text on aeronautics at various reading levels, lesson plans, careers guide, curriculum bridges, and more.
  • Lindbergh Spirit 75th Anniversary website  Activities for kids and teacher resources.
  • My First Wings  An online retailer of aviation related furniture, toys, clothes, games, DVDs, costumes, and other gifts for youth, children, toddlers, and infants.  They carry a large selection of aviation-related items for girls.
  • NASA Glenn Educational Activities  Educational programs for Kindergarten through Grade 12 (K-12).
  • NASA Quest Project  With a mission to provide support and services for schools, teachers and students to fully utilize the Internet, and its underlying information technologies, as a basic tool for learning.  The Quest Project is a service of the Education Program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Quest is located at Ames Research Center and is managed by NASA's Learning Technologies Project (LTP) of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Program.
  • The National Association of Airmen for Safety and Education  A nonprofit organization committed to the inspiration of youth in aviation/aerospace math and sciences.
  • National Cadet Web Site  Air Cadets learn about the traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and participate in flight-related activities.  Air Cadets have a chance to earn their civilian pilot licenses through the Air Cadet program.
  • New England Air Museum  Summer programs for students that are co-instructed by instructors and professionals from the aeronautical industry.  Located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
  • PapaInk, The International Children's Art Archive  A non-profit organization celebrating children's creative spirit and displaying pictures they have drawn.  While not aviation-specific, the archives contain many pictures children have drawn of airplanes.  Children can also add their own.
  • Piedmont Silver Eagles Charitable Funds, Inc.  Includes a fund to promote Aviation Career Days for children.  This fund is geared toward lower, middle and high school students.  It will aid and financially promote Discovery (initial flights) for those over 15 at accredited and licensed flight schools.
  • The Pilot's Flight PodLog, Episode 6  This podcast is an interview with a 14 year old who has already started fulfilling his aviation dream.  Listen to him talk about aviation summer camp and his first orientation flights.  If you are a youngster with a passion for flight, or the parent of one, listen to this podcast.
  • PlaneMath  A place for students and teachers to learn about math and aeronautics.
  • ProFlight Futures  This non-profit organization provides career information and resources to high school students who aspire to careers in aviation and aerospace.  Educators, parents, and mentors will also find this site useful.  Aviation career flight plans, career profiles and opportunities, training programs, scholarships and grants, online progress logbook, career seminar video archives, downloadable school career day presentation packs for educators and parents, and FAQs.
  • The Royal Aero Club Trust  Advancing the cause of air sport and aviation by actively raising funds to help young people to take part in air sports and recreation.
  • Royal Canadian Air Cadets An organization for Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 19.  The Air Cadet organization is based on a military structure, but the youth involved remain civilians and have no commitment to serve in Canada's military at any time.
  • SciJinks  This interactive web site (provided by NOAA and NASA) provides middle-school students and audiences of all ages an opportunity to learn about weather and emergency preparedness.
  • The Scout Association  The Air Scouts branch offers flying activities.
  • Soaring Society of America - Youth Programs  Information and links: Civil Air Patrol, Junior Soaring Team, junior contest grants, SSA Youth Committee.
  • Stepping Stones to Aviation, Inc.  This organization seeks to enrich education for children by introducing young people to the experience of flight in a hands-on program where children can climb into airplane simulators, pedal down an authentic runway, and taxi into a controlled airspace.
  • Team America Rocketry Challenge  AIA and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), in partnership with NASA and the Department of Defense, are sponsoring the 2007 Challenge, a model rocket competition for U.S. high school and middle school students.
  • Thunderbird Aviation - Youth Programs  Young flyers clinics and aviation flying camp from Thunderbird Aviation in Minnesota.
  • Unique Baby Gear Ideas  Aviator and airplane theme baby nursery bedding, furniture, and coordinating decorations.  Baby aviator decorating ideas and contemporary nursery design tips as well as other popular styles of baby decor.
  • Violet the Pilot  An adventurous girl flies different airplanes having different adventures in different countries.  For all ages.
  • Welcome Sky  A non-profit aviation scholarship program administered by the Central California Aviation Association in Fresno, CA. designed to reach out to students ages 16-21 who show an interest in flying.  The program brings together current private pilots, flight schools, donors and interested young men and women in an arrangement that fosters fellowship while helping to build a base of new future pilots that will be aviation enthusiasts for decades to come.
  • Wisconsin Aviation Academy  A non-profit organization which takes under-represented area youth and teaches them discipline, planning, and communication skills while teaching them to fly, for free.    The program is open to youth 16 years old and the fee is based on family income.  Several cadets have gone on to aviation college, the Air Force academy, and airline positions.  They also offer FlyGirls, a program for girls entering 9-11th grades.
  • Wright Flight, Inc.  The mission of Wright Flight is to use the motivational power of aviation to stimulate students to set and achieve higher goals in their educational and personal development.  From the examples of aviation role models, students are taught that through commitment and hard work they can achieve their own goals, have aviation-related experiences, and develop a more positive self concept.
  • Young Eagles  This EAA program was launched to give interested young people, ages 8 to 17, an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane.  These flights are offered free of charge and are made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers.
  • The Youth Aviation Foundation  Adults mentoring youth in aerospace science, leadership, and good citizenship through a foundation dedicated to the support of Viking Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, and other youth-related aviation activities in Minneapolis and its southwest suburbs.
  • YouthFlightCanada  Established to inspire, motivate, educate, and foster self esteem within challenged and disadvantaged youth.

Aviation-related Sites

  • Aviation Day Greeting Cards From 123Greetings.com  It's Aviation Day!  Celebrate with free ecards from 123greetings.com.
  • Cybird  The South Korean producer of an electric motor powered robot bird is looking for overseas distributors.
  • Dr Dan's Amazing Aircraft and Annals of Aviation  An enthusiast's personal page primarily about aviation in Washington State, USA.
  • F-14A CADC Development  This site discusses the development of the F-14 Central Air Data Computer, the world's first microprocessor chip set, a 20-bit, pipelined, parallel multi-microprocessor.
  • Flyers Prayer - Aviation Poetry by Patrick J. Phillips  Poems about aviation, featuring Flyer's Prayer and Solo written by Patrick J. Phillips.
  • Love Air  A world wide internet dating service designed for aviators and their colleagues and anyone who wants to date such people.  It is open to everyone including air crew, cabin crew, private pilots, commercial pilots, military pilots, display pilots, flight dispatchers, operations staff, ATC, engineers, general aviation staff, sales, marketing, and all supporting services.  In fact, just about anyone who feels a bond with the aviation community.
  • S K Y G O D .com  Browse the site for a huge collection of aviation related quotations.
  • SoloTrek  This personal flying machine is an 8-foot-tall exo-skeletor flying vehicle with a gasoline engine driving two large fans.  The pilot flies it in a standing position and controls its movement with two joysticks.
  • Operation Migration Home Page  Ultralight-led bird migration.
  • Wings Financial Federal Credit Union  Serving nearly all employees and retirees of the air transportation industry, as well as their family members.


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