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Flight Planning & Navigation Websites

  • 100LL.com - Aviation Fuel Price Search  A pilot's information service for use on the ground during flight planning, in the air when deciding where to land, or when changing your flying plans.  The continuously updated U.S. airport directory has FBO information, aviation fuel prices, hotels, ground transportation, airport services, and more.
  • ACTIVFlite Flight Planning Products  Flight planning products in .pdf format, such as forms and user guidelines.
  • actiVitae  Free aviation data for general aviation pilots: International TAFs, METARS, NOTAMs and an ICAO code/decode function, are all available on WAP mobile devices as well as through this page.
  • AeroPlanner.com  Planning tools and data available on the internet. ? View NOS sectional charts online, query FAA navigation databases, plot routes based on airports and navaids, print tripticks, and store log information online.
  • AirData  Providing flight planning systems to airlines and general aviation.  Suitable for operators of 1 to 150 aircraft, the product provides an extensive list of functionality necessary for successful flight planning within an airline environment.
  • AirNav Free access to FAA data on airports and navigational aids.  Fast database searches of flight planning information.
  • Airplan  A graphical user interface based flight planning program for general aviation pilots.  Uses great circle routing to plan flights anywhere.
  • Airports En Route  An airports directory with flight plan calculator.  Does distance, track, heading, ground speed and time en route between any of more than 5500 North America airports.  Also provides fast links to weather, flight services and destination business directories.  Designed as a total pre-flight information source.
  • Anywhere Map  Aviation GPS moving map with available weather.  Navigation system includes flight planning software.
  • AvBrief  Flight briefing services for pilots: weather, airport information, route briefing.
  • AviatorCalc  General Aviation flight planning software designed to run on mobile phones, and featuring twenty four flight planning functions such as Xwind, CAS-TAS, HDG & Groundspeed.  Also, store up to 30 flight plans, download waypoints such as Airports and Navaids from the Internet, Rhumbline and distance calculator, fuel calculations leg time and weight and balance, 30 airport database, 8 aircraft database, and online weather enquiry.
  • Baseops.net Flight Planning  Military flight planning and aviation weather website.  Worldwide mission planning and military flight preparation.
  • Bernoulli Navigation LLC  Flight planning and moving map software.
  • Best of GPS  GPS reviews, info, recommendations: how GPS works, buyer's guide, features and benefits of current models, and GPS accessories.
  • Boeing Electronic Flight Bag  The Boeing EFB is a software and data services solution designed for multiple hardware platforms.  It contains the documentation and forms that pilots carry - Jeppesen charts, manuals for fault reporting and operations, minimum equipment lists and logbooks - in digital format, and puts them at the crew's fingertips.
  • Brodski Macak - Croatian Navigation Portal  Offers a comprehensive knowledge base related to all aspects of navigation (satellite navigation, air navigation, marine navigation, road navigation, personal navigation) and related disciplines (meteorology, space weather, ionosphere, communications, charts, modelling and forecasting).  Currently in Croatian with plans for an English version.
  • EasyMetar  Free and easy pilot briefing for Europe.  Enter one or more ICAO airport / FIR indicators to run your query.
  • euroVFR  A multi-lingual, route planner with European and South African airfield information, and many other useful tools for VFR pilots.  Based on information sharing between pilots.
  • fboweb.com  An Internet-based tool for anyone interested in aviation.  Pilots can access the web site to obtain information and plan their flights, and FBOs can use the site to track flights, attract aircraft to their facilities and help manage their operations.  Charter outfits can use the site to manage their fleet.
  • FlightBrief  Subscription Service for aviation weather and flight planning: NEXRAD radar, satellite and winds aloft graphics, real-time METARs and TAFs, interactive flight planner that plans routes anywhere in North America.
  • FlightPrep  Creator of Golden Eagle FlightPrep, a free flight planner distributed by CSC DUATS.  Add optional VFR and IFR charts as well as Approach Plates to your flight preparation system.  Airspace and TFR tool tips let you "touch" Airspace and get instant identification and effective details.
  • Flight Wizard  This Windows flight planning software is customized especially for U.S. and Canadian pilots.  The program accepts any waypoint on the globe so other pilots may find it useful as well.
  • FltPlan.com  A free general aviation Web site that helps create IFR flight plans and navigational logs for the serious corporate, charter, or business pilot.
  • Flying in Europe  European airport webcams, aviation weather maps, METAR, TAF, SINHET, NOTAMS, airport websites, calculations, country info, FBO database, aviation abbreviations.
  • FlyingMart  A source for AeroPalm aviation GPS solutions, available either as a complete aviation GPS, or as a package including GPS, mounting solution, and the software for your Palm.  Available as a software only solution.  Also, the complete MGL instrument line, digital instruments for your light aircraft.
  • Flyveplan.dk  The VFR-Manager flight planning tool for GA pilots flying VFR.  Free download.
  • Free Flight moving map for pilots  Three moving map software programs to use for navigation: a 3-D Terrain display, VFR aeronautical charts, and a symbolic presentation of airports, heliports, seaplane bases, cities, VOR's, NDB's, obstructions, state lines, airways, all types of airspaces and TFRs.  Developed to run on Windows XP and 2000 platforms with a GPS receiver.
  • GENA Systems  High-end navigation and 2-way messaging products for helicopters.  The AFF (Automatic Flight Following) system is in bi-directional contact with the control centre during the entire operation.  Information and coordinates pertaining to an operation can be relayed to a helicopter, even during flight.
  • GPS-Planet.com  GPS navigation systems, handheld, and car units from Garmin, Magellan and Navman.  Also, GPS accessories and software.
  • Great Circle Flight Path Display  Displays map based on paths, ranges, ETOPS rule, etc.
  • Handheld GPS in the Cockpit  Lots of information, tips, and links about flying with a handheld GPS.
  • International Airport Data  Find airport data for thousands of airports around the world.  Gulfstream Aerospace pilots may also calculate fuel cost savings by finding out how much money they will save per gallon by tankering fuel to their destination.  Use your iPhone to see fuel cost evaluations depending on your flight profile, METAR, GMT, DST, TAF and NOTAMS.
  • (FAA) International Flight Information Manual  The IFIM is an online preflight and planning guide for use by U.S. nonscheduled operators, business, and private aviators flying outside of the United States.  General info, country info, entry and departure info, NOTAMS, links to travel sites.
  • iPilot.com  This site for pilots includes flight planning resources.
  • Jeppesen  Flight information and flight planning services, aviation weather services, maintenance information, pilot training systems, and pilot supplies in an electronic catalog.
  • Jeppesen Electronic Flight Bag  Offers delivery and management of mission-critical flight information for the Air Carrier and the Government/Military markets.
  • Lanclelot Flight Service  An operations department offering third party operations solutions in the aviation industry, from simple flight plans to full dispatches.  Their systems plan optimal routes considering all variables such as winds, traffic restrictions, flight levels, shorter routes, overflight and EuroControl expenses.
  • Maptech  A data provider with scanned NOAA Sectional, Terminal, World, and Helicopter charts available.
  • Master-Aviator  Flight planning forms, kits, guides and reference cards, as well as instruction, preparation, and practice tools for the general aviation pilot.  Producer of the VFR Flight Manager.
  • Milpilot.net  Pilot and mission planning tools. ?Training material for Air Force pilot training (SUPT) students, including gouge for T1, T6, T37 and T38 aircraft, photo gallery, news headlines, downloads, and links.
  • NavMonster.com  A pre-flight Web site for GA pilots, offering maps, charts, decoded weather, FBO information, fuel prices, winds aloft, PIREPS, and much more in an easy-to-use and uncluttered interface.  Free to everyone.  Not a substitute for an official flight briefing.
  • Navtech Software  Flight planning and GPS moving maps for PDA's.
  • NavTech Software  Aviation utilities for Windows CE computers: latitude-longitude, wind triangle, fuel planning, weight and balance, altitude-airspeed, vertical navigation, timer, utilities.  GPS moving maps, pilot's logbook to come.
  • PilotPlan.com  Provides a one stop site for your military and civilian flight planning and aviation weather needs.  This site was created to help simplify the flight planning process by linking all the most commonly accessed sites to one unique address.
  • Pilots and Weather.com  Provides free flight planning and briefing with live weather, TFRs, and NOTAM in 3D using Google earth.  Flight simulation with live weather.  Route overlay with airmet, convective sigmet.
  • Reader Plates  These are downloadable FAA (NACO) Terminal Approach Procedures formatted for display on inexpensive electronic book readers, such as the Sony Reader PRS-505.  Now an instrument-rated private pilot can carry every approach plate for every airport in the U.S. in a 9 ounce electronic book reader.  It's inexpensive, easy to use, and will run for days on a single charge.
  • RMS Technology, Inc.  Flitesoft flight planning software for IFR and VFR piston-powered aircraft.
  • SeeYou flight planning and analysis software  Comprehensive statistics, free vector maps, direct communication to flight recorders and other functions make this a tool for soaring pilots and contest organizers.  Can be used by other agencies that need flight tracking capabilities (ex., airborne fire tankers, police and aircrews of Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue) to better perform and record their task.  A great debriefing tool.
  • SFSA Web Briefing Office  Briefing office and flight planning unit for pilots and flight dispatchers in Northern Europe, for flight to and within Northern countries/Scandinavia.
  • Sifeba Products  Manufactures and distributes navigation aids to simplify in-flight calculations of heading corrections and diversions.
  • Skyplan Services Ltd.  A global provider of flight operations support services to airlines, corporate aircraft operators, aircraft ferry companies, and the general aviation community.  Offering computer generated flight planning, global weather data, domestic and international NOTAM's, overflight and landing clearances, aviation fuel, flight watch, flight following, and a number of other flight operations support services.
  • SkyTrac  Automatic Flight Following (AFF), hands-free satellite phone, flight data recorder, two-way text messaging, custom data transfer.
  • SkyVector.com - Online Aeronautical Charts  Free online sectional charts.  Drag the map with your mouse, or jump to location using the search box.  Includes WX overlays.
  • WantsCheck.Com Flight Planning, LLC  Military flight planning and cadet resources including pilot slot statistics, AFOQT preparation, gouge, flight planning tools, and an EPR/OPR bullet database.
  • What is an Electronic Flight Bag?  From Teledyne Controls, where you can download the FAA AC-120-76A "Guidelines For The Certification, Airworthiness, And Operational Approval Of Electronic Flight Bag Computing Devices."

Flight Support

  • Air Routing International  Handles corporate flight operations for domestic and international trips 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Services provided include: diplomatic clearances, overflight and landing permits, flight planning and filing, weather briefs and warnings, ground services, customs assistance, etc.
  • AIRBIZ Aviation Services Worldwide  They assist your Operations group by providing flight planning, global weather data, domestic and international NOTAM's, overflight and landing clearances, aviation fuel, flight watch, flight following, and a number of other flight operations support services.
  • Amadeus Maldives Pvt. Ltd.  Landing and overflight permits, and supervision of full flight support services for cargo, VIP, and passenger airlines to Maldives.
  • Flight Plan Solutions  Ground handling through a world-wide network to make smooth arrivals and departures: expedited customs, ground transport, catering arrangements and security for all types of aircraft, from the smallest jet to large, executive, and cargo configured airframes.  Also, overflight permits, flight plans, airport slot coordination, weather monitoring, fuel arrangements.
  • Indian Ocean Charters Maldives  A jet, aircraft, and commercial flight handling agency in the Maldives.
  • Hadid International Services  An aviation services company operating from head offices in Damascus, Syria and a branch office in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, specializing in complete flight planning: over-flight and landing permits, settlement of navigational charges, refueling, weather forecasts, computerized flight plans, ATC flight plans, transportation and lodging.
  • JetEx Flight Support  Providing fuel, handling, permissions, flight plan, along with all other services needed.  Six private aircrafts, charters.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • JetFlight Aviation Services  Obtaining over-flying and landing clearances, arranging handling and fuel in the U.S.A, South America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and The Far East for corporate, cargo, ambulance and pax flights.
  • Jet Flight Support  Provides outsourced flight operations services for business aviation customers and small airlines who cannot readily source such an extensive 24 hour resource for themselves.  Flight planning, overflight and landing permissions, airport slot coordination, fuel, handling arrangements, catering and hotel arrangements, and so on.
  • Jet Planning International LLC  A full service operations support group that can provide trip planning support to include ground handling, contract fuel, customs clearance, overflight and landing permits, hotel reservations, and crew/passengers ground transportation/airlines.  Trip planning services can be provided in North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Kags and Tsar  Provides corporate aircraft with ground logistics in Botswana and the neighboring countries. VIP Handling services, protocol, operations management, and aviation consultancy.
  • Maldives Landing and Overflight Permits  Landing, overflight permits, and supervision in Maldives.
  • Nooranma Travel Maldives  Ground support service for private jets landing at Male International Airport at Maldives: permits for over-flying Maldives, slot clearance at the airport, landing permits, Customs and Immigration clearance for passengers and crew, and arrangement of food and accommodation.
  • Protocol Management Limited  PML is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Company with operations in the entire Sub-Saharan region and registered to provide solutions to flight operations.
  • Sky Control Flight Support  Flight support services for cargo, VIP, business, and ambulance flight operators for trips worldwide.  Services range from permits, ground handling, crew accommodations, and transportation to fueling setups worldwide, specially The Middle East, Far East, and Africa.
  • White Rose Aviation  Flight clearance specialists obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide for all aircraft types.

Flight Planning & Navigation Blogs

  • flyagogo  Find flight planning tools and information in this blog.
  • GPS Navigation  It's a blog all about GPS, but there are some aviation-related posts.


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