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  • Airmaster Propellers Ltd  Manufacturer of variable pitch constant speed propellers for light or experimental aircraft.
  • Albatross Flying Systems  Manufacturer and exporters of trikes, paramotors, and wooden propellers.
  • Atlas spinners.com  Supplier of 6 inch blank spinner kits for ultralights and small craft.
  • Cummins Spinners  Hand-crafted aluminum spinners for non-certified aircraft with customised cutouts to suit your propeller.  Sizes from 4 inch to 12 inch diameter in kits or finished ready to fit to your aircraft.
  • Flight Resource  Sales and information about the MT composite propeller, a high performance, lightweight propeller for aerobatic, general aviation, certified and experimental aircarft.
  • GT Propellers  Italian wood composite propellers: fixed, variable, standard, personalized, ground adjustable, old style, and special application propellers.
  • Hartzell Propeller Inc.  Information and product support.
  • High Performance Aircraft Products LLC  A world-wide authorized representative for performance enhancing products for propeller-driven aircraft of all types and sizes, including MT Propellers, a light weight composite constant speed propeller that is not life-limited.  STC's are available for many applications and custom production is available for most home-built applications.
  • Ivan James: Composite construction & fabrication  A constructor and fabricator of aircraft propellers, airplanes, and other non-aviation items.  Propellers for hovercrafts, ultra-lites, home-builts, wind fans, backpack powered parachutes.  All propellers are hand-carved from Amazonian Purple Heart hardwood.
  • JAG props, Inc.  Offering custom made, computer generated hardwood propellers for ultralight and experimental aircraft.  Craftsmen hand select fine aviation grade hardwoods used for their propellers.
  • JC Propeller Design  With this program you can build your own propellers and save money, and at the same time get a propeller that is specially computer designed for you.
  • NotPlaneJane.com  An impressive collection of beautiful and rare ground adjustable and controllable hub propellers with wooden blades, dated from 1926 to 1948.  The three blade Hartzell propeller is the only one known to exist.  Also displayed on the website are propellers from 16 manufacturers including Everel, Maynard DiCesare, Hoover, Continental Skypower, Westinghouse Micarta, and Beechcraft.
  • P-Prop  Hand crafted wood and composite propellers for homebuilt and microlight aircraft.
  • Powerfin Inc.  Composite aircraft propellers.
  • Precision Propellers LLC  Props up to 130 HP with two to six blades.
  • Prop Works Inc.  Propeller sales and world-wide service with a large inventory of new and overhauled propellers ready to ship.
  • Propellerstore.com  Propellers of all shapes and sizes for the Japanese market.  (This site is entirely in Japanese.)
  • Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company  Manufactures and services our fixed-pitch metal (aluminum) propellers for Type Certified, Light Sport, and Homebuilt / Kit aircraft.  They also manufacture ground adjustable composite propellers for Lycoming and Continental engines on Light Sport and Homebuilt / Kit aircraft.
  • Sensenich Wood Propeller Co.  A manufacturer of propellers for UAV's, targets, and Type Certified/Experimental aircraft, from 6 - 120 HP.  Wooden fixed pitch or composite adjustable pitch construction.  Complete design and manufacturing services.
  • Smiths Aerospace  An aerospace equipment company with businesses that focus on: engine systems, flight control systems, landing gear and hydraulic systems, electromechanical systems, and propeller systems.
  • Tennessee Propellers, Inc.  Manufacturer of two blade fixed-pitch propellers for ultralights, powered parachutes, and gyrocopters.
  • ULflight.com  Do-it-yourself and digital propeller balancers for ultralight and experimental aircraft.
  • VProp  Designed for airplanes with a wide speed range and planes that lack acceleration and climb during take off due to limited horse power.
  • Whirl Wind Propellers Corporation  Manufacturer of composite constant speed propellers for high performance aircraft, as well as UAV's.
  • Wooden Propellers  This site is committed to preservation and exchange of information about wooden aircraft propellers in general, with emphasis on WWI and earlier antique propellers.  Propeller identification, materials, manufacturing techniques, care, and buying/selling.  See also Modern Wooden Propellers,  Information and an extensive list of drawing numbers to help identify propellers manufactured in the 1920's and later.


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