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Interesting Civil Aviation Related Web Sites

Aviation Regulations and FAA Information

Aviation Regulations

Airworthiness Directives
Canadian Aviation Regulations
Available from Transport Canada.
Code of Federal Regulations
Available from the Government Printing Office.
Federal Aviation Regulations
This site provides access to Parts 1-199 of Title 14 (Aeronautics and Space) of the Code of Federal Regulations. Browse by specific Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) part or search by keyword.
Federal Register
Available from the Government Printing Office.
International Aviation Authorities
Globalair.com sponsors this site which provides links to the civil aviation authorities of many foreign countries.
Joint Aviation Requirements
JARs are available from the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA, an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference - ECAC). Other JAA documents are available from the Hunt Library.
Notices of Proposed Rulemaking
Available from the Federal Register via the Government Printing Office. Scroll down and choose desired volume, Proposed Rules, and date (optional). Then enter search terms.
Notices to Airmen
Available from FAA's PilotWeb.

FAA Information

Advisory Circulars
Fulltext current and historical ACs. Choose from a list of AC or FAR part numbers or search by keyword.
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
One of several publications available as part of the Air Traffic Publications Library. Other documents include the Air Traffic Bulletin Collection, FAA Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control, and the International Flight Information Manual.
Aviation Data & Statistics [FAA]
Links to statistical documents such as US Civil Airmen Statistics, Aviation Forecasts, and Airline On-Time Statistics. Be sure to click on the tabs at the top of the screen (Aircraft, Airports & Air Traffic, etc.) to view other useful documents.
FAA Administrator's Fact Book
This web site provides data on accidents and accident rates, incidents, hijackings, ATC activity, airspace system delays, aircraft and general aviation activity, commercial space statistics and a commercial launch schedule. An organizational chart and office addresses for the FAA are included. Reports are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. Print copies are available in the Reference area of Hunt Library (Ref. HE 9777 .U585).
FAA Aviation Forecasts
This site contains the Federal Aviation Administration forecasts of aviation activity at FAA facilities. Links include previous aviation forecasts as well as long-range aerospace forecasts.
Forms [FAA]
Handbooks and Manuals [FAA]
Master Minimum Equipment Lists
At the top of the page, click on MMEL and choose Final. Scroll down and over to MMELs, then select Part 91, Rotorcraft, Small aircraft, or Transport.
Online Digital Special Collections [Department of Transportation]
Digitized historical collections include Civil Aeronautical Manuals, Civil Air Regulations, superseded Advisory Circulars, and historical Federal Aviation Regulations.
Orders and Notices [FAA]
Regulatory and Guidance Library [FAA]
Provides 'regulatory, guidance and aviation product information' through links to various databases such as FARs (current and historical), NPRMs, TCDS, ADs, Orders, etc.
Supplemental Type Certificates
Technical Standard Orders
Type Certificate Data Sheets


Government State Agencies

Alabama Aeronautics Bureau - Office inside the Alabama Department of Transportation

Alaska Aviation and Airports - Office inside the Alaska Department of Transportation

Arizona Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Arizona Department of Transportation

Arkansas Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Arkansas Department of Transportation

California Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the California Department of Transportation

Colorado Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Colorado Department of Transportation

Connecticut Bureau of Aviation and Ports - Office inside the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Delaware Aviation - Office inside the Delaware Department of Transportation

Florida Aviation Office - Inside the Florida Department of Transportation

Georgia Aviation Programs - Office inside the Georgia Department of Transportation

Hawaii Airports Division - Office inside the Hawaii Department of Transportation

Idaho Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Idaho Department of Transportation

Illinois Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Illinois Department of Transportation

Indiana Aviation - Office inside the Indiana Department of Transportation

Iowa Office of Aviation - Inside the Iowa Department of Transportation

Kansas Division of Aviation - Office inside the Kansas Department of Transportation

Kentucky Department of Aviation - Office inside the Kentucky Department of Transportation

Louisiana Aviation Section - Office inside the Louisiana Department of Transportation

Maine Airports and Aviation - Office inside the Maine Department of Transportation

Maryland Aviation Administration - Office inside the Maryland Department of Transportation

Massachusetts Plane Section - Office inside the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics - Office inside the Michigan Department of Transportation

Minnesota Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Mississippi DOT - The Mississippi Department of Transportation

Missouri Aviation - Office inside the Missouri Department of Transportation

Montana Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Montana Department of Transportation

Nebraska Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the Nebraska Department of Transportation

Nevada Aviation Planning Section - Office inside the Nevada Department of Transportation

New Hampshire Site Map/Air - Office inside the New Hampshire Department of Transportation

New Jersey Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the New Jersey Department of Transportation

New Mexico Aviation Division - Office inside the New Mexico Department of Transportation

New York Aviation - Office inside the New York Department of Transportation

North Carolina Division of Aviation - Office inside the North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Dakota DOT - The North Dakota Department of Transportation

Ohio Office of Aviation - Office inside the Ohio Department of Transportation

Oklahoma DOT - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Oregon Department of Aviation - Office inside the Oregon Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation - Office inside the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Rhode Island DOT - The Rhode Island Department of Transportation

South Carolina Department of Aeronautics - Office inside the South Carolina Department of Transportation

South Dakota Office of Aeronautics - Inside the South Dakota Department of Transportation

Tennessee Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Tennessee Department of Transportation

Texas Aviation and Airports - Office inside the Texas Department of Transportation

Utah Division of Aeronautics - Office inside the Utah Department of Transportation

Vermont Aviation Program - Office inside the Vermont Department of Transportation

Virginia Airports - Office inside the Virginia Department of Transportation

Washington Aviation - Office inside the Washington Department of Transportation

West Virginia Airports - Office inside the West Virginia Department of Transportation

Wisconsin General Aviation - Office inside the Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wyoming Aeronautics Division - Office inside the Wyoming Department of Transportation


Sponsored by Cranfield University in the UK this website provides access to key aerospace and defense information sources created worldwide including NASA Langley reports and other full text technical reports, engineering design data, news, and much more.
ASSIST Quick Search
Almost 104,000 Department of Defense standards and specifications, also known as 'mil specs,' are available here in full text. Search by word in the title, by document ID, by document number or by FSC (Federal Supply Class). The documents are available in .pdf format.
Department of Defense
This home page provides information about the Department and links to related sites such as Homeland Security and Terrorism. Click on "Publications" at the top of the screen for information about the branches of the military, the budget, personnel, and military bases.
National Security Archive
The world's largest non-governmental library and archive of declassified U.S. documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Of particular interest are the September 11th Sourcebooks and FAA Documents Referenced in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Florida State

Florida Department of Transportation
Provides information on highway construction, safety programs, maps. Popular links include vehicle registration, driver license, and 'Visit Florida' tourism office.
Florida Government Information Locator Service
'Information from and about Florida State government,' including local links. Categories include business, consumer, tourism, government, etc.
'The official portal of the state of Florida,' this site leads visitor and resident alike to all government and business services including driver license information, vehicle registration, various licenses, and other useful information.
Volusia County
Provides general information on Volusia County, the beaches, business development, county services (such as the airport, budget, etc.), local government, tourism and local weather.

Publications and Documents

Budget of the United States Government
The Office of Management and Budget has posted the Budget for the upcoming year and previous years, going back to 1996. Also available on this site is the Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget. The documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format and are searchable.
Code of Federal Regulations
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register. The on-line version is updated at the same time the paper editions are published. The site is searchable by CFR citation, keyword, or by title. It is also possible to browse by CFR Part. In both cases, the results provide links to the full text of the documents. The text can be viewed in text or .pdf format.
Core Documents of U.S. Democracy
This site provides direct access to historical and current government documents which define our society. Those documents include The Declaration of Independence, the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, the Congressional Record, and the Bill of Rights as well as many others.
Federal Register
This site allows the user to search volumes of the Federal Register by section, by date, or by keyword in its entirety back to 1995. The database allows the use of the Boolean terms, AND, OR, and NOT, but they must be capitalized. Phrases are searched for by putting them in quotes, and the asterisk symbol (*) is used for truncation. A browse function is also available. Search results list the matching document with their titles and length. The user can then choose to see either the full text, a summary, or view a .pdf version of the document.
Government Accountability Office
The GAO is the investigative and auditing arm of the U.S. Congress. It publishes reports and testimony on a wide range of programs funded by Congress such as airport security, military aircraft, competition in the airline industry, etc. Search by specific report number, keyword, or click on 'Reports and Testimony' to browse titles. Reports are available pre-1970 to present, with most appearing in fultext format. Be sure to specify the desired date range before searching.
GPO Access (Government Printing Office)
The GPO is an excellent source of materials published by the Federal Government. This Web site links to Supreme Court Decisions, the Congressional Record, resources from the Executive Office and lots more.
Occupational Outlook Handbook
The full text of this publication including descriptions of jobs, necessary training, job outlook and earnings. Keyword searchable.
U.S. Government Manual
This is the official handbook of the federal government with descriptions of the functions of most of the government a gencies and departments. Each entry includes addresses, telephone numbers, responsibilities, and a history of the agency, as well as a listing of regional offices. This version is searchable by keyword or browse the table of contents and select a chapter to view in text or .pdf format.
United States Code
This searchable database provides the general and permanent laws of the United States. It is keyword searchable using the Boolean terms, and, or, and not. A phrase can be searched by placing single quotation marks around it. Or, you may search by title, section, citation, etc.

Search Government Resources

DTIC ONLINE: Public Technical Reports
Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center , DTIC Online searches publicly accessible information sources and includes report citations and many full-text technical reports.
Operated by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), this site is a comprehensive central access point for locating and ordering government information.
Full-text state statutes and legislation on the Internet
Arranged alphabetically by state.
Google U.S. Government Search
A search engine developed at Stanford University which indexes U.S. Government Internet sites. This engine automatically puts the word AND between any terms you enter and you can search for a phrase by putting quotation marks around your terms.
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
This site connects users to the full text of major legislation, public laws, and historical documents. It contains sections on Legislation, the Congressional Record, and Committee Information. Under Legislation, a person can search for a bill by number, or word/phrase, or browse the listing. Then you can view the full text of the bill, see a list of sponsors, or check the status. This is a wonderful site.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
A full-text patent and image database covering 1790 to the present. Patents from 1790-1975 can only be searched by patent number or issue date; other years can be searched by keyword. Note: While you must have a TIFF image plug-in on your computer to view images, full-text patent information for 1976-present is available without a viewer. Click on "How to View Patent Images" for information and downloading of the TIFF plug-in.
Search 30 million federal or state government web pages by keyword, state, popular topic or by category (citizens, business, government).


Bureau of Justice Statistics
This site provides the full text of many different reports and statistics gathered by the Justice Department. The documents are available in .pdf or text format. It includes information on crimes and victims, criminal offenders, law enforcement, prosecution, corrections, etc. In addition, under a section entitled, Special Topics, a person can expect to find information on firearms and crime, and the World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
This site provides information on employment and living conditions, as well as breaking down the consumer price index (CPI) by region or industry. It also contains regional information and publications such as The Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
In the 'Airline Industry' box, you can find great quick facts such as Air Traffic Hubs and Airport Rankings. Click on "More Airline Industry" to get more data including on-time statistics and causes of flight delays, airline fuel cost and consumption, and a link to Airport Activity Statistics.
County and City Data Books
Geostat provides access to the 1988, 1994 and 2000 County and City Data Books (also available in paper format in the Hunt Library's Reference Collection). You may search 4 data sets: county, state, city and place ('Census designated places') data. A helpful feature allows displaying up to 75 variables alphabetically, or in ascending/descending order. Also provides selected county and city rankings by subject.
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
This site is part of the White House's Briefing Room. It provides current statistics in chart and text form on income, transportation, employment, and gross national product. It also provides links to the homepages of the government bureaus responsible for gathering the various statistics, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The Federal Government produces so many different types of statistics by so many different agencies that it can be difficult to locate the statistics that you need. In order to address that need, this site has come into being. The statistics can be found using the A-Z Topic Listing or by performing a keyword search using the boolean operators, AND and OR. In addition, there is a regional statistics section which breaks out agriculture, health, education, crime, and demographics. The policies pertaining to the statistics are also linked to here and are available in .pdf format.
National Transportation Statistics
Issued annually by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, editions from 2000 to present are available for viewing or downloading. This compendium of statistics includes data on all modes of transportation with emphasis on the economy, the environment, safety and overall performance. Aviation statistics concerning baggage complaints, air carrier delays, and passenger screening are among the many statistics made available.
Statistical Abstract of the United States
This source provides excellent statistical information on population, education, crime, etc. The full-text of older versions are available in .pdf format only. However, some of the frequently requested tables are made available separately in text format. A print copy of this edition as well as of older editions can be found in Reference (Ref. HA 202 .U58s year).
U.S. Census Bureau Statistical Agencies (International)
Links to statistical agencies from governments around the world.


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