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  • @Vision Aviation Learning Services  An e-learning solutions provider for the aviation industry located in the Netherlands and provide e-learning for the aviation industry.  Learning products for use by major airlines, ground handling companies, and aviation technical schools.
  • 70-316  A 70-316 study guide and materials.
  • Above It All Aviation  Flashcard-based test preparation method for knowledge tests, practical tests, and airplane checkrides.
  • Aero Training Products  Aviation books and videos for airline, commercial, bush, private, recreational, maintenance, design, manufacturing, accident investigation, management, and experimental aviation.
  • AeroCheck Enterprises Aviation training aids, books, and other products.
  • Aerosolutions  A consulting firm specialized in aviation training and aviation training products for training schools, civil aviation authorities, airlines, corporations, military and individuals.  Computer-aided online training programs for the qualifying of pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers.
  • Aero Training Products  ATP offers aviation books, videos, software, and charts for flight and maintenance training operations.
  • Aerowinx Precision Simulator  Computer based training for the 747-400: tutorials and add-ons for Precision Simulator, links, message forum.
  • Airfreddy's Guide on Learning to Fly  A step-by-step guide to getting your pilot license written by a 10,000 hour, 20-year career flight instructor and flight school owner.
  • AirQuiz - Online Practice Examinations for Pilots  A web based tool designed to provide low cost support to the trainee pilot.  It allows registered users to test their knowledge in preparation for the written examinations for the JAR PPL, RT and CAA IMC Rating.
  • AIRS Technologies  Ab-Initio FAA Pilot Training - Interactive pilot theory training on CD-ROM.
  • Anyone's Guide to Become a Pilot  This guide helps you start flying from scratch.  Learn the flight training process, how to get to the right seat of an airline while saving money in the process.
  • AusAir Flight School  Aviation flight training videos for Australian and international pilots.
  • Avfacts ATPL Training  Free training editorials of interest to all pilots, especially those interested in heavy transport operations: glass cockpit operation training, aquaplaning, PNR, machmeters, GPWS and TCAS, etc.  Also ATPL study resources, CD-ROM Courses, training books.
  • Aviac.com  A training and development site for aviators.  Online tests: aptitude test prep, JAR ATPL prep, CV review, software licensing, pilot interview technique training, and simulator assessment.
  • AviationCareerGuide.com  Information on flight school training, studying for an aviation degree, military flying and all the certificates including PPL, CPL, ATPL, CFI, CFII and MEI.
  • Aviation Computer Technologies  Products for student pilots (online ground school, flight instructor lesson plans) and flight schools (aviation presentations, flight training devices).
  • AviationGroundSchool.com  A source for aviation ground school training supplements available on the web for general aviation aircraft like the Cessna 172 as well as a select commercial aircraft such as the EMB 145 Regional Jet and the ATR 42 Advanced Turboprop.
  • Aviation Pilot Checkride Stories  Prepare for your aviation checkride through recent stories about checkrides in your area.  Plenty of flight training study tools too: FAA test questions, aircraft-specific study guides, and an aviation weather review section.
  • Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.  Training devices and simulators, the Pilot's Manual Series, 2000 FAR/AIM Series, CD ROMs.
  • AviatorAcademy.com  Internet-based instructional programs, including ground school and exam preparation courses for pilots, mechanics, and cabin crew.  Course offerings are available for persons of all experience levels in a variety of aircraft categories, classes, and types.
  • Avotek  A complete line of technical training aids and training systems for A&P (FAR 147) schools.
  • Avotek  A source for aviation maintenance training equipment and textbooks.  Avotek has a full line of A&P training equipment as well as a selection of maintenance training textbooks.
  • Avotek Information Resources  Offering up-to-date textbooks for the aircraft mechanic student.  A complete line of books and study guides for today's Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT).
  • AvStar Media, LLC  Advanced computer based training for pilots and air medical personnel.  Programs include aircraft specific, general subjects, and customized programs, all with integrated testing and record keeping.  Their customer base includes part 91 and 135 operators, fixed and rotary wing.
  • BuZZ Online Flight Training  Offering online courses with animation and quizzes that help the student pilot master the theory of aviation.  Designed to support flight schools in maintaining high level training standards while catering to each student's individual needs.
  • Cactus Aviation Services, L.L.C.  A B737 systems review CD for pilots on the way to their type rating class, or even for the experienced 737 pilot wishing to "brush-off" the cobwebs.
  • CAE e-Learning  Web training solutions range from aircraft specific simulation-based training aids, through complete aircraft system lessons, to General Operating Subject courses for online pilots and maintenance training.
  • Canadair Regional Jet - CRJ Online Training  Online computer based training to refresh aircraft systems knowledge or help prepare for recurrent flight crew training for the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ).  Material contains movie clips, animation, quizzes and flashcards.
  • Clear Blue Yonder  An online community for pilots interested in new and continued learning.  Read articles, join the forum, get official FAA pilot training kits in electronic formats that contain what pilots need to learn to fly and pass the FAA test.  Prepare for a new license, or stay current.
  • Cockpitweb  A pilot website dedicated to pilot training, aviation software, books, and simulators.
  • Computer Training Systems  CTS offers CD or Internet based recurrent pilot training for over 205 types of aircraft (both fixed and rotary wing).  In addition, CTS has developed a General Subjects (Indoctrination) package designed to meet the ground training requirements of FAR 135.  (Including programs for Air medical Crewmembers, TSA Training and Maintenance Human Factors.)
  • CPaT, Inc.  Provider of computer-cased training to over 130 airlines and thousands of airline pilots.  DC9, DC10, MD80, B737-200, B737-300/400/500, B737NG, B757, B767, B777, A320, ERJ-145, EMB-170/190.  Interactive programs available including General Subjects.  Airline and single user licenses available.
  • CRJ 200 Jet Study Guide  A systems study guide for the CRJ 200 pilot preparing for the next check ride.
  • Efficient Flight Training  Simple steps and solutions to let the student learn to fly faster and more efficiently.
  • European Aviation Training Center  This flight instructor, teaching in America and now in Europe, provides information for those who inspire to become pilots.  training documents, instrument flying, aviation formulas, links, and other resources.
  • Everyday eBooks  E-books with information that helps pilots with flight training and aircraft operating cost control.  An interview guide for pilots seeking jobs with the airlines, and software to help pilots monitor aircraft operating costs.
  • FAA Aviation Education  Resource library, aviation schools and universities, career guides, grants and scholarships, outreach programs, events, regional pages.
  • Fly Right Films  "A Masters Program for Serious Pilots."  The Aviator Series training video "captivates, stimulates and educates like no other training video you’ve seen before."  You fly with well known aviators who share their skills and problem-solving techniques.
  • Garmax Aviation  Producers of broadcast quality interactive training DVDs, CD-ROMs and videos for airlines, air training organisations, display teams, professional and general aviation pilots and air enthusiasts
  • Get Your License  GYL provides online information, services, and resources regarding licensing from Local, State, or U.S. Government agencies.  See their Aviation Licensing and Certification section.
  • Gleim Publications  Aviation test preparation, FAA approved online Flight Instructor Refresher Course, pilot training, find a CFI or flight school in a searchable directory, FBO/bookstore directory.
  • Gleim Publications (Eric D. Faber)  Pilot training books, software, audios, and supplies.
  • www.GliderBooks.com  A comprehensive flight training manual and knowledge handbook for gliders by Russell Holtz.  These books were written specifically for the student pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate with a Glider rating, although they are also a useful aide for preparing for a Commercial or Instructor rating, or for preparing for a Biennial Flight Review.
  • Gold Seal FAA Test Prep  Audio CDs for Private Pilot and Instrument Rating exams - written and oral.  Additional free content available online.
  • Gold Seal Online Ground School  A full-feature training site containing an assortment of free multimedia lessons and library resources for student and private pilots.  A premium option is offered for advanced training topics.  Selected by Plane & Pilot magazine as a 2008 "Top Ten Online Resource."
  • The In-Flight Diversion Handbook  From the 1-in-60 rule to more advanced aspects of navigation such as PET or PNR, this book covers techniques and formula's that don't require a flight computer or calculator.  A fresh guide to pure navigation, for the professional or enthusiast.  Especially useful for those studying for the COMM or ATPL.
  • Inflight Innovations Internet Instruction... 4 I's  An online initial training program that can be accessed by Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant trainees at home using a personal computer and an Internet connection.
  • iPilot.com  This resource site for pilots includes training aids.
  • JAR-66-Training  Internet-based training.
  • JIT Pilots  Electronic FAA pilot training materials: guides, handbooks, practical tests standards, question banks, and many tools.  All certifications and categories.  Available on CD or by download.  Note: This site functions only with Internet Explorer. (August 2005.)
  • King Schools  Video and CD ROM private and instrument courses.
  • LRJET.com  An online Learjet study guide that helps prepare initial and recurrent simulator candidates for their oral exam.  Also provides job listings for learjet pilots.
  • Matt Tanner Aviation  A guide to getting your private pilot license and a free flying tips newsletter from a Certified Flight Instructor.
  • MemoryMentor.com  Memory improvement techniques that you can use for your PPL exams.
  • The Mighty Pilot  Specializing in texts and materials catering to instructor pilots and student pilots for all ratings.
  • Momentum Interactive, Ltd.  Computer aided and computer based interactive learning tools developed by experienced flight instructors and intended to make the Flight or Ground Instructor's job easier.  Macintosh and PC compatible, and can be integrated to most existing presentation slides.
  • MS Aviation  Interactive, online pilot courses to create safer, better prepared pilots.  FAA Exam Prep software included.  Private - CFI online and DVD courses available.
  • MyWrittenExam.com  Practice the FAA Knowledge exams as many times as you'd like...for free!
  • Nolly Productions, Inc.  Aviation training courses on videotape.
  • North American Institute of Aviation  Professional pilot training school.
  • On The Flight Line  An online flight school using a combination HD video, motion graphics, and computer animation to convey aeronautical concepts.  Purchase low cost vidoes of the topics you are interested in studying, yours to own, with no other fees of any kind.  Work on your weak spots or download the whole series.  Brought to you by CFI Jason Miller, of The Finer Points podcast fame.
  • Pelesys Learning Systems Inc.  A training solutions provider exclusively for the aviation industry with new generation computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT) courseware for a wide range of applications in the aviation and aerospace industries.  Pelesys' library of CBT/WBT aviation training products includes full flight crew training CBTs for the Boeing B747-400, Boeing B767-200/300, Boeing B737-200, DC10-30 and Airbus A319/320/321; cabin crew training CBT programs for the Boeing B737-800, B767, B747, B777-200, and Airbus A340; and a suite of specialty CBT courses such as Cold Weather Operations, Dangerous Goods, TCAS, Polar Operations, High Altitude Training to name a few.  All courses are available in CD-ROM and web format.
  • PilotPick.com  Prepare for your pilot assessment with pilot selection information from actual tested candidates.  Find info on simulator rides, interviews, and psychological or aptitude tests.
  • Pilot Tutor.org  Interactive graphic lessons explain and demonstrate piloting concepts.  Useful to student pilots and those working on an instrument rating.
  • Sporty's Complete Pilot Course  A comprehensive flight training course.
  • Study Guides for the Embraer RJ & ATR Turboprop  Free with a donation to a charity.  Author is a Check Airman on the RJ.
  • Online Flight Training Information  Extensive source for flight training information and links to articles, documents, and manuals for general aviation student pilots and pilots in general.
  • Pilot Journey  Free pilot tools for all pilots, including on-line flight training syllabus from Gleim Publications.  Forums, learning tools, flight tracking tools, and more - all free.
  • Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc.  Accelerated FAA Medical Certification for pilots and Aviation Medical Examiners (AME's).  Free confidential consultation.  Located near the FAA in Oklahoma City.
  • Pilot Publications  Offers complete pilot reference libraries on CD-ROM that cover the complete FAA syllabus for licenses: private to ATP, plus CFI and I/R, helicopter and fixed wing.
  • PilotWorkshops.com  Online and computer workshops help build skills through pilot training: IFR, safety, airmanship, technology, and more.
  • A Pilot's Guide to Safe Flying  mCOVE Resources provides details about this internationally acclaimed book for GA pilots.  It summarizes the many ways of avoiding situations that can potentially impair the safety of a flight.  It covers topics relating to safe flying, and provides the single pilot with an extremely useful framework for gaining and maintaining knowledge in this important area.
  • PocketTest  FAA written test prep software for the Palm handheld PDA.  Includes full FAA database of questions.  Available for Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, ATP, and Flight Engineer.  Downloadable.
  • Pooleys Flight Equipment  Interactive training on CD ROM.  Fixed and rotary wing.
  • Private Pilot Secrets  This eBook tells you how you can quickly obtain your private pilot's license, how to choose your flight instructor, the different types of flight schools, and more.
  • Procockpit  A content rich site offering information on advanced flying concepts and techniques.  The safety of flight and training system is designed for all pilots.
  • Reality XP  A provider of avionics simulators and solutions for the general and business aviation training market.  Flagship products are the Flight Line 530XP, the Flight Line Wx500, and the Flight Line ST3400.
  • SF340.com  Technical info and study notes for pilots and enthusiasts of the Saab 340 regional airliner.
  • SimCom International Simulator based initial and recurrent training for private pilots, small twin prop.  Simulators built under contract.
  • Sport Pilot Encyclopedia  Sport pilot test prep for $9.95: written test prep, condensed FAR/AIM, SEL Practical Test Standards, and many value added features.
  • StudentPilot.com Virtual flight school, aviation articles, programs and services for pilots.
  • Swales Developments  Specializes in software products that assist in the process of course material delivery and student competency testing.  Supplying flying schools in South Africa with the computer software and a PPL question set which is used to test students for PPL ground school competence.  Approved and recommended by the South African CAA as part of a standardization drive.
  • Talon Systems  ETA is a web-based training management system for the management of flight training.  It offers training tools for managing curriculum, security, student records, resources, flight following/operations, and scheduling.
  • Training Crue Graphics Inc.  TCG provides aviation training aids and services for aircraft manufacturers, operators, flight schools, individual pilots, and maintenance technicians worldwide.  Advanced training aid solutions, aircraft instrument panel graphic design, technical documentation and courseware development services, classroom and CBT/WBT design and development services, cockpit procedures trainers (CPT)/ paper tiger design and manufacturing.  Poster plotting, printing, mounting and lamination services, cost cutting methodology for training departments customer specific product and services catalog development, business-to-business online prdering management access.
  • TurboTestPrep.com  Online Federal exam preparation featuring computerized random order practice tests, tutorials with reference glossaries, downloadable cramsheets, and other eLearning resources.  Offering FCC and FAA exams.
  • Vector Training Systems  Develops and produces aviation training tools for general aviation.  Multimedia systems tranning software and FAA level 3 FTD's for student pilots, tranning organizations, and manufacturers.
  • Visual Vectoring: ATC Training  An Australian-based company producing innovative CBT products for teaching practical skills in RADAR vectoring and sequencing.
  • Wiljam Flight Training  Wiljam is a JAA ATPL pilot training web site that contains JAA ATPL training notes and feedback of exam questions.  A uselful resourse for anyone who wishes to be a commercial pilot.



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