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Aviation Weather Websites

  • AccuWeather Extensive U.S. and international weather information.  Aviation section available through premium service.
  • AeroTech Research (U.S.A.), Inc.  The Turbulence Auto-PIREP System automates the current methods of manual (or aural) turbulence pilot reports (PIREPs) that will increase both pilot and ground controller situational awareness of the location and severity of turbulence hazards.  AeroTech also developed an operational simulation based on real-life air-traffic scenarios that include aircraft flying in and around weather models, developed by NASA, that are indicative of regions of convective turbulence.
  • The Airline Dispatchers Federation Weather Briefing Page  Very good start page for airline dispatchers and others interested in weather conditions as they affect aviation.
  • AirWX Mobile  Aviation weather for any mobile phone, including iPhone.
  • ASOS/AWOS Frequently Asked Questions  Information about automated weather sensors at airports.
  • Australian Bureau of Meteorology Australian aviation forecasts, aerodrome weather reports, satellite pictures, and surface pressure charts.
  • Aviation Digital Data Service  ADDS is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Weather Research program and developed by the Aviation Gridded Forecast System Product Development Team.  PIREPs, AITMETs, METARs, TAFs, winds, icing, turbulence.
  • aviation.mobi  Free aviation weather for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Get METAR and TAF information for selected airports worldwide, view current color radar throughout the USA and Canada, view IR satellite images, get airport information, daily sunrise/sunset information, NOTAMs, SIGMET and AIRMET notices, view upper winds (FD).
  • CheckWX Aviation Weather  Decoded METAR and TAF weather overlaid on Google Maps.  Display weather near airports, as well as in-route weather.  Enter the airport identifier, airport name, or partial name.  Browse by State, Province, or Country.  This service is totally free, with no subscription fees.  It is not intended as a substitute for an official weather briefing obtained from a Flight Service Station.
  • Cragin's Weather Links for HG & PG Pilots  Information centering around the mid-East coast of the U.S.
  • Crystal-Face  The measurements from the Crystal-Face mission will assist in improving climate models.  Six aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art instruments (NASA ER-2, NASA WB-57, Proteus, Cessna Citation II, UV-18A Twin Otter, and an NP-3D Orion) measure the characteristics of clouds and how clouds alter the atmosphere?s temperature.  When compared with ground based radars, satellites, and the results of advanced atmospheric models, the ability to forecast future climate changes will improve.
  • The Dawley Homepage National Weather Service watches and warnings, advisories and statements, weather radar maps, satellite images, state weather summaries, zone forecasts, short term forecasts.
  • Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog  An amazing weather blog from the Weather Underground.  If you follow weather or want to get the weather, this is a must see.
  • DUATS Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUAT) Homepage.  Weather briefing and flight plan filing system.
  • The European Aviation Weather Center  METAR, TAF, SIGMET, NOTAM, surface charts, weather and wind charts, satellite.
  • European Weather Center  Aviation weather for Europe.  (Not a substitute official aviation reports.)
  • FAA Weather  Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS), Aviation Weather Center (AWC), Current Weather (NOAA), National Airspace System Status, Surface Weather Observation Stations (ASOS/AWOS)
  • FlightBrief  Subscription Service for aviation weather and flight planning: NEXRAD radar, satellite and winds aloft graphics, real-time METARs and TAFs, interactive flight planner that plans routes anywhere in North America.
  • Flying in Europe  European airport webcams, aviation weather maps, METAR, TAF, SINHET, NOTAMS, airport websites, calculations, country info, FBO database, aviation abbreviations.
  • ForeFlight, iPhone Edition  This full-featured application is built exclusively for the Apple iPhone.  You get airport diagrams, A/FD data, plain text weather, and a variety of weather images in your iPhone.  It is fully integrated with MyMetar.com weather so subscribers of ForeFlight get their favorite airport data and weather through a single elegant user interface.  Monthly and annual plans are available.
  • Glider Pilot Network Weather  Enter the station(s) and view the weather.
  • A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album  Photos by a former Hurricane Hunter of typhoons and hurricanes taken from weather reconnaissance aircraft.
  • instantG.com  Aviation weather to your cell phone or wireless device.
  • Institute of Aviation's Weather Information Center DUAT, current weather reports by airport identifier, maps, weather links.
  • Intellicast  Pre-flight and in-flight weather briefings for professional and recreational pilots.
  • iPilot.com  This site for pilots includes weather resources.
  • LoCld9  Provides weather software,?weather links,?and a home for forecasters and weather enthusiasts to discuss and exchange ideas and information.
  • Mark's METNAV Page Navigational aids (ILS, TACAN, VOR, Beacons, DBRITE, etc.), weather equipment (NEXRAD, FMQ-13, FMQ-8, GMQ-32, CT-12K, etc.).
  • Meteo Mobile by aviador  Weather maps, METARs and TAFs, over 9300 airports by country, distance and true course calculator, and sunrise/sunset calculations for the mobile phone.
  • MTECH Systems Pty Ltd  A major supplier of weather systems for airports.  Equipment and software installed at over 70 U.S. and 29 international airports throughout the world.
  • MyAirplane.com  This site has a number of databases that provide useful information to visitors, including NOAA Approach Plate Database, Translated METAR and Weather Center.
  • MyMetar  With this "weather bookmarking service," you can get your favorite METARS, TAFs, and radar images on a single web page, desktop widget, or your phone.
  • MyMetar.com, Brick by Brick  This blog chronicles the development of MyMetar.com, an aviation weather website providing personalized aviation weather.
  • National Weather Service - Aviation Weather Service  Standard briefing, flight folder, guidance products, model diagnostics, weather information.
  • NOAA National Weather Service
  • Orbifly Metar Map  A free Metar tool for Europe.
  • Pilots and Weather.com  Provides free flight planning and briefing with live weather, TFRs, and NOTAM in 3D using Google earth.  Flight simulation with live weather.  Route overlay with airmet, convective sigmet.
  • RamPage WxServer  Radar Maps, METARs and TAFs for WAP 2.0 enabled cell phones with color screens. ?An FSS direct number lookup page provides the 3 nearest Flight Service Station direct-dial numbers given an airport identifier as input.  WxServer can also provide METARs and TAFs as e-mail replys for non WAP 2.0 cellphones and two-way pagers.
  • Research Applications Program (RAP) Real Time Weather Data  RAP is the principal division responsible for aviation weather projects for the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and works to improve the timliness, accuracy, and presentation of weather information to better predict, detect and warn of atmospheric hazards that significantly affect aviation commerce.
  • SciJinks  This interactive web site (provided by NOAA and NASA) provides middle-school students and audiences of all ages an opportunity to learn about weather and emergency preparedness.
  • SES Soaring Forecast Page  This weather page is directed to glider pilots, but also contains waether information and links of interest to others.
  • Texas A&M Weather Page Weather data search based on station and state identifiers.
  • Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.  International flight support services for corporate aviation.  Worldwide weather forecasting, Trip Support Services, which include flight planning, trip coordination, flight tracking and discount crew accommodations.  Universal also offers the UVair Contract Fuel Program, the UVglobal Network, FlightPak scheduling software, UVdatalink air-to-ground communications, and UVflightplanner.com computerized weather and flight planning tool.
  • VIMeteo  Real-time weather data from 7000 stations around the world.  History of weather data for the past 60 hours, USA or European style, data output to text file for every opened station.
  • Weather Information Pages This site specialises in UK and European Weather, and includes links to Current and Recent Weather (METARs, TAFs, Plain text / decoded obs.), Satellite Images (METEOSAT, IR, Colour images, animated pictures), Rainfall Radar (UK and Belgium), Forecasts (Text forecasts, Model forecasts - UKMO, ECMWF, MASS, DWD, NCEP, AVN, MRF), Weather Charts (MSLP, SST, Upper Atmosphere), Weather Programs, SFUK Data (Lightning Strike Data) and Software, GTS / SYNOP Data.
  • Weather for Pilots - Weather Briefing Checklist, Current/Forecast Weather Data  Designed for pilots flying in the United States, this site contains a very diverse set of weather products and can be used as part of a weather briefing in preparation for flight.
  • WeatherTAP  A subscription service with current NEXRAD radar and aviation weather package: lightning data, high-resolution East (GOES-8) and West (GOES-10) satellite images, forums, up-to-date forecasts, surface data, colorized animated maps.  Local, state, regional, and national coverage.
  • Wilkens Weather Technologies  Provides worldwide forecasting services for industries that depend on immediate and accurate weather data.
  • Windwiz.Com  An online database for calculating the headwind and crosswind components on all runways at an airport at once.  Provides the user option to add information on approaches which can be included with the crosswind calculation.
  • WSI Corporation  Weather Services International is a provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media and energy markets, and federal and state government agencies.  Many airlines, fixed based operators, and airport authorities use WSI's weather briefing services.  Products include an in-flight satellite broadcast system, and pre-flight and pilot briefing applications.
  • WX2ME  A service that enables pilots to request and receive up-to-date weather information using only text messaging on their cell phones. ?It's instant, works anywhere your cell phone has signal, and provides an on screen copy of the weather reports that pilots can save and refer back to.
  • WxNotice.com  This service is designed for pilots and pushes aviation weather reports to your cell phone as an SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) text message.  Get Metar, TAF, and others for any airport.  Also available are weather map images: Satellite, Radar, NexRad, Forecast and Storm Front images.
  • XM WX Satellite Weather  This site provides information on aviation, marine, and ground applications of the XM WX Satellite Weather service.  Private pilots, commercial pilots, and anyone interested in weather information will find details on the source of the data, supporting hardware, and service subscription pricing.
  • YAWS  Yet Another Weather Service - only this one is totally free.  YAWS collects and aggregates data from several venerable sources and formats it, ready for your cell phone.  YAWS offers a comprehensive weather service for mobile devices.

Cloud Seeding & Atmospheric Resource Management

  • Cloud Seeding  Background information from The Edwards Aquifer Website.
  • Weather Modification Inc.  Providing atmospheric resource management technologies - also known as cloud seeding, cloud modification, atmospheric resource management, and precipitation management.
  • What is cloud seeding?  From WeatherQuestions.com.
  • The Physical Basis for Seeding Clouds  Provided by Atmospherics Incorporated to help educate interested parties in weather modification.
  • Weather Modification Association  Offering the free exchange of accurate information regarding the efficacy, safety, methodology and cost-effectiveness of weather modification activities.


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